By Anonymous
Today, I finally had the courage to break up with the father of my child. When I got to my parents' house, they were happy, but after explaining that I was going to spend more time with them, they called and told him that they don’t accept devolutions. FML
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Depending on the reason why OP left, why? If I had a grown daughter who left her abusive partner, I would gladly let her stay with me (as long as she was looking for her own place as well). I would much rather take her in for a few months that have her keep staying with an asshole.

By  Chazzster  |  20

At the risk of being an unpopular sentiment - This is just one example of why you do not have children unless your relationship is stable, both parents want children, and the parents have the resources to raise the children. In the old days that meant that marriage came first then came the children.

OP - This sort of sounds like you are going from being dependent on your child’s father to being dependent on your parents. While that’s not unreasonable in the short term, you need to achieve the ability to support yourself and your child. And of course the “baby daddy” will have to pay his share of child support.

  Tanya ONeil  |  2

IF the relationship was not working, marriage would not make anything more or less stable - it would just further entangle her in a situation - making it more complicated to leave. Or is that what you mean by stable - to trap someone in a bad relationship so it's too hard to leave? Why would you want a kid to have to live in a situation like that? It doesn't say whether she is married or not, just that her parents are trying to force the couple back together so she wont be with them. Best of luck OP. Maybe find an Aunt who cares about you and your kids that will help until you can improve your evolving situation, and let the grandparents rot in their ignorance of your situation. It takes alot of courage to leave, I hope you get the support you need.

  zuckerburg  |  21

Most women open their legs to have children because they think it will save a sucky relationship. Or are you just blind to the fact that this happens DAILY still, in 2019?

By  davidfong  |  14

Sounds like there happy your out of that relationship, but they raised you for 18+ years, staying short term is ok but maybe they don’t want to raise any more kids.

By  zuckerburg  |  21

Steps for breaking up, especially if there are kids involved (this is for all your dumb cunts out there):

Step 1) Speak to family or close friend about your options, where you will stay, how much you need (if you're not working), who can look after the kid if you are working (so you don't have to pay additional money to a sitter you might not be able to afford), if you can afford food, rent, utilities, school fees etc.

Step 2) Leave the sob

Step 3) Relax

Seems you skipped the first step there. YDI

By  BloodyButUnbowed  |  25

If "gonna spend some time with them" means moving in with them and having them support you, you can't just "explain" to them that they will do this. They would have to agree to it.

You don't say why you're leaving your not-husband. If he was abusive and you needed to get yourself and the child safely away from him, it's bad that they won't help. On the other hand, if you just don't want to be with him any longer and assumed that your parents would resume taking care of you, that's a big YDI.