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Today, I finally had the best sex I've ever had with this really hot guy I've been hanging out with lately. I thought everything was all well and good until he turned to me and said, "You know, your orgasm face kinda reminds me of Steve Martin, but in a good way." FML
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The important thing to remember is that you had an orgasm face.

Maybe he can enjoy a Steve-Martin-face because he is secretly gay. At least your face reminds him of something good.


The important thing to remember is that you had an orgasm face.

then000bster 16

How could your face being like Steve Martin be a bad thing? I mean really? The guy is hilarious and plays a mean banjo.

Dr0reos 8

pink panther was still the shit. Steve martin is hilarious plus he said in a good way so I guess he likes your old man like orgasm face

Maybe he can enjoy a Steve-Martin-face because he is secretly gay. At least your face reminds him of something good.

If the guy is secretly gay, wouldn't he be doing her from behind and he wouldn't see her orgasm face? At least that's the most common thing to do, when a guy is trying to hide being gay. Most gay men can't focus on the face of a woman because they feel uncomfortable having sex with the wrong gender, in their minds.

Never heard this before, but I guess I'll take your word for it.

Lol well he said in a good way so I wouldn't take it to heart. You know you don't need to take yourself so seriously, right? He didn't say it was a bad thing, so have laugh about it. It's funny.

"you look like an ugly old man during the time you feel your sexiest. In a good way" No, Most women wouldn't ever want to hear that from a blossoming new romantic interest.

OP literally says "a guy I've been hanging out with". What does that mean? Their relationship isn't serious, and therefore shouldn't be taken seriously. He was probably just teasing her and she decided to take it the wrong way besides my O face is stupid as well so the feels...

Meh. It is at least the start of a fuck-buddy relationship, if nothing else. Those are always exciting and butterfly-inducing at the very beginning. He totally killed the after glow :P

28- Did someone take a picture of this, or do you jerk it while looking in the mirror so you can giggle at your O-face at the end?

3 - This is completely off topic, but the few times I've seen your picture I have to look twice because I think your knees are boobs. Every single time.

Yea...i once had a girlfriend who was addicted to her camera, but those pictures have since been destroyed in fire so you'd just have to come find out then, wouldn't you?

Dat internet flirt.

I guess everything does get cheaper by the dozen. Including complimenting people on their orgasm faces

perdix 29

You are . . . one wild and crazy guy! Was it that face? And aren't you a little young to have white hair?

Chucklikesbacon 12

How can a girl look like Steve Martin in a good way?!

I know right?? Sorry OP. I say that if this post was true then keep him!

perdix 29

#6, because she doesn't look like Woody Allen, Carrot Top, Larry the Cable Guy, .... must I go on?

Chucklikesbacon 12

#16, usually girls don't look like any of those people, that is rather rare. And still not pleasant to hear. I wouldn't want to be told that I look like a dude, no matter what situation.

Even in a "She's the Man" kindof situation?

Chucklikesbacon 12

Not shure everyone gets in that situation, on a daily basis. And no, not even then. You're still a girl, even if you're only dressed up as a guy.

Oh nice I wasn't sure you'd understand my reference Ms Munich, well done. :)

perdix 29

#19, ironically, until today I thought you were a dude . . . because of your name. I only go to FML on the classic site where the profile pics are so tiny, you can't recognize faces. Today, I discovered that you are a young lady. Um, do you like bacon?

Chucklikesbacon 12

Hahaha, no, usually my Username for other apps is Chucknorrislikesbacon, but here it was too long. So thats what came out ;)

The "in a good way" is what makes this fml hilarious though

zahra_786 19

He could have said a lot worse! On the bright side he seems funny, and rather cheeky. .but in a good way! :)

This is when you snap back and say what his sex face looks like

Yes because being a bitch is always the right answer

You "finally" had the best sex you've ever had..?

#21, I apologize, how could I be so insensitive :(

In a good way that it's funny as fuck I suppose? At least one of you gets a laugh out of it...