By unit - 07/07/2010 04:19 - United States

Today, I finally got around to organizing my closet. Discarded clothes fell into three distinct categories: Too Small, Yellow Pits, Stained with Food. FML
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you sound like a bit of a slob

Thats gross. Clean your clothes more often. Euch!


Haha that sucks.

hopefully the yellow pits were only on the shirts if you catch my drift

you sound like a new found hobo

ain't that a bitch? lol sweaty food monster!!!

ydi for being fat and not doing anything about it

says the man carrying his ferret^^

Yellow pits... eww! How do you even get yellow pits? You are a man right? Yuck!

what about your period panties, i don't know if your a dude or chick

you don't wash your clothes or you are too lazy to take care of yourself

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well op, with those three distinct categories come three distinct options: give it away, throw it away & wash it! :)

25, never knew a ferret and a pitbull were the same animal. guess i learn something knew everyday. ....i would rather have a pic of me holding a dog, then takin a mirror pic of my abs to look desperate for a date online, lmao

The thing that confuses me the most about this post op, is the fact that you sorted them into three piles of ruined clothes? why not just have a "keep" and "throw away" pile....? and I guess a "give to charity" pile (that's the clothes that are too small pile) ;) hehe

So what do you do when you find one with food stains and is too small?

27 - period panties...?

glorialaura21 8

woooohh go you guy with ferete! u just burneddddd him! 

number 47, You mean like the correct way to spell 'new'?

sorry, I mean number 42

76, typos happen, dont get all fussed up about it. stupid grammar nazis

there only small because their stained with food( meaning she eats alot.)

95- if you have to explain your own joke, chances are it isn't funny. exhibit a- your comment. (:

ydi for being a slob

lovesamystery 0

plz tell me that's not 27 in his pic

Tweety122888 0

27 is a pervert op is cleaning the closet not the underwear drawer get a life you f-ing perv

In Soviet Russia, clothes are usually washed.

48 when that happens he esplodes

Amazingly, 27's skin looks relatively smooth for his amount of gray hair. His mustache also looks fake. I highly doubt it's a realistic portrayal of who 27 really is. If that is in fact real (mustache included) 27 looks great for their age. :/

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27 - ...u scare me...

zackk5 0

oh that's just nasty...

you sound like a bit of a slob

i think the op is a new mom... that would explain gaining weight, yellow pits (babyspit) and food stains

Yellow pits = babyspit?!

the op is a guy, god.

yeah 82, when i saw that comment i was like "wtf!?" too lol.

85, op's gender isn't stated.

19, yellow pits come from sweating there.

Thats gross. Clean your clothes more often. Euch!

Lol your picture matches your comment :p

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that's the most disgusting thing ever!!! you are fucking nasty. how can anyone be that dirty unless you're a 2 year old.

Maybe they HAVE a 2 year old, ever considered that? Being a parent is a messy, messy business.

im a parent i still wsh my clothes not chuck them in a closet filthy.

Washing doesn't get out all stains. A lot of stuff stays in no matter how many times it goes through the wash. It gets out the actual particles of food and dirt, but the color stays on the fabric forever. Just wait until your kid starts climbing trees and getting cuts and scrapes and bleeds on his/her clothing as he/she runs inside for a kiss and a bandage. You'll see what I mean.

Calm down, bitch there is a whole fuckload of messier ass people.

Ohhh, college life...

wellinever 5

At least you know it's an FML. Life changing discovery?

sounds like you gained weight or something man! get some deoderant, hit the gym and try not to miss your mouth when you eat lol

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Maybe you should try washing your clothes:/

You left out the other category, skidmarks lol

nd I thought ur mom was dirty hahaha just kidding. but your life does suck tho huh there's a thing called a washing machine though. :] just helping