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  nyrangers1022  |  6

25, never knew a ferret and a pitbull were the same animal. guess i learn something knew everyday. ....i would rather have a pic of me holding a dog, then takin a mirror pic of my abs to look desperate for a date online, lmao

  n_maher  |  0

The thing that confuses me the most about this post op, is the fact that you sorted them into three piles of ruined clothes? why not just have a "keep" and "throw away" pile....? and I guess a "give to charity" pile (that's the clothes that are too small pile) ;) hehe

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

Amazingly, 27's skin looks relatively smooth for his amount of gray hair. His mustache also looks fake. I highly doubt it's a realistic portrayal of who 27 really is.

If that is in fact real (mustache included) 27 looks great for their age. :/


Washing doesn't get out all stains. A lot of stuff stays in no matter how many times it goes through the wash. It gets out the actual particles of food and dirt, but the color stays on the fabric forever.
Just wait until your kid starts climbing trees and getting cuts and scrapes and bleeds on his/her clothing as he/she runs inside for a kiss and a bandage. You'll see what I mean.