By Anonymous - 03/05/2012 21:17 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I finally found out what the horrible smell at work was. A rat had decided to make its home in our emergency exit sign and had been fried by the electricity. I now have to fix this. Hello scorched dead rat. FML
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SignUpisntcool 3

Redneck voice:Fry that up and eat it!


*sniff* You guys smell that? BUUUURRRN!

hellbilly205 17


At least it wasn't a deadmau5.


OHai15 12

Kill it!! Kill it!! With fire!!....oh wait...... o.O

Fried rat. Delicious.

Inheritance 10

I'd like to know how a rat got into this emergency exit sign to begin with ..

Honey look what I brought home for dinner~ :

But poor rat!

No, it's delicious. You should *munch* try *munch* this oh my god *munch*.

I read that with a Cleveland voice.

Sounds like a job for bear grills... Better drink my own piss.

Dr0reos 8

Dont worry OP youre doing gods work. How else are we going to keep the homless fed?

purplemnm 9

And not one single negative comment about his username. Shame on you, FML community!

SignUpisntcool 3

Redneck voice:Fry that up and eat it!

Well, the exit sign decided to do the honors of frying it beforehand. What a nice exit sign.

ripresno 10

Another Redneck Voice: I got a possum!

Fonze13 0

Geter done

IDontKnow10101 14

Git 'R Done* love Larry the cable guy

Redneck voice: tastes just like chicken!

Shat ap wit dese Gosh darned red-neck-ed ack sents! Mah tolur-ense levil has jest 'bout reached its limit! Cant no 'un do nutin' 'riginal no more? Mah gudness...

kickuwithmyfist 1

This....Sentence... Hurts my face..:/

65- I died a little inside when I wrote it...

Hahaha! Sounds like something my uncle from Texas would say. (btw I LOVE your picture)

KawiRacer69 5

everyone that posted "redneck voice" has only seen them in the movies, dumbass'.

Dr0reos 8


ripresno 10

Hey I admit my family is a bunch of rednecks and we sometimes do talk like that and by the way possum actually isn't that bad

*nods* Rednecks are sometimes actually not stupid, and insulting them can get you shot

KawiRacer69 5

the people they are making fun of is people that live way out in the country and cant afford an education but they know how to shoot hunt and fix stuff. i live out in the country in Texas so what are you ganna call me

Well I guess u can say that the rat got fried

Your pun was not as electrifying as you expected it to be, 4.

Mmmmm... Sounds tasty...

I was just thinking the same thing

Michael_92 20

Yes i agree, nothing gets my mouth watering like the thought of a ratburger.

mpj13 8

Rats sucks

gurly98 13

U suck

ripresno 10

We all suck! {^,^}

btnhdude 0

We all scream for ice cream..

Well isn't that just nasty. Good luck, op

failgamer 7

I just saw you in a rage comic saying that you probably don't know what ebony means. You are popular :D

It means black...? Seriously? Uh send me the link

The rat took the word 'exit' a little too literally.

Exit life, stage right.

Hello MrSassyPants. I see that your pants are extra sassy today.

tony1891 22

omg you killed Jerry!! so cruel =D

Tom is jealous.

Jerry is a mouse....

CaramelMacchiato 13

As a child, I would always forget who was Tom and who was Jerry. They're the reason I have trust issues.

50 is right, Jerry is a mouse, not a rat!

nobodylikesyou 3

You kill em, we grill em!

gurly98 13

I know a friend who f**ks em