By caqi33 / Tuesday 8 March 2011 18:23 / United States
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this happened to me when I was on a wild bender with Charlie sheen. a couple of hookers dared me to balance a cup of pee on my nose, in my inebriated state it was impossible. needless to say I ended up nose deep in hooker pee. good times...

By  Doortje  |  28

Uhm, well, you sort of did. It's actually even dumber than pissing yourself, because that's just a matter of losing control of your bladder, whereas dropping a urine sample on yourself is just plain stupid.

  docscientist  |  9

Before anyone reads my comment and doesn't get what I'm saying, it doesn't take concentration to hold a cup of piss upright or to move with it, you just overcompensate because you're psyched out there's piss in the cup...

  docscientist  |  9

My point is, you don't want to drop things that have some sort of negative consequence, but people still drop things all the time...
My original reason why I posted is because dropping a cup of piss has nothing to do with intelligence.

  iloveyouu_24  |  0

collfenstien and docscientist are right. I'm not saying it takes a genius to hold a cup, but people drop/spill liquids all the time. A real dumbass is someone who doesn't know when they need to piss. it's not "lack of control" it's just not having the sense to go to the bathroom. Dumb fucks.

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