By dizzy - 07/03/2011 07:28 - Malaysia

Today, I discovered that sea-sickness also applies when making love on my girlfriend's new water bed. FML
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There's always the kitchen top, shower, pool table, car, hell even the ground if you're that way inclined. Abandon ship and find another, better place to port, Captain.

Here is a top tip for waterbed sex for you OP. Just go with the motion of the ocean and ride the waves of pleasure until you are floating in a pool of orgasmic waterfalls. ;-)


is she a beached whale then.

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I guess if you think of the place as the ocean... Then I guess so.

Well at least now you can consider yourself a true semen.

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Don't forget his sports bra during the action you don't want to get knocked out.

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WTF it was for the man boobs one stupid iPhone

haha word man I saw that

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water beds are cool! soo jealous...

so you released your hot sticky fluid on your GF? sweeeet

I kno! I'm jealous too!

so you release your hot sticky fluid on your GF? sweeeet!

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That's hilarious.

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Ahoy, I see booty dead ahead!

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You lose.

OP's boobs: (.) (.) Her boyfriend boobs: ( . ) ( . ) he wins.

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suckss..take the party to your bed next time

urg... i hate waterbeds... now even a bit more...