By kingpin7 - United States
  Today, I decided to go down on my girlfriend. In the midst of her orgasm, she grabbed my head with her legs, performing a submission most UFC fighters could be proud of, and she held on for so long that I was suffocated. FML
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  KaintukeeBob  |  13

OP couldn't breathe, and therefore died, which is what 'suffocated' means.

OP is posting this, either from Heaven, from Hell, or by possessing a human medium to type it up.

OP, please, if you are able, tell us what awaits us beyond the veil of death!

  wade907  |  0

169 - CPR works by starting the circulation in the lungs again and you exhale more carbon dioxide than oxygen why do youthink If you breathe into a bag for a long time you'll suffocate you don't keep producing oxygen

  TheVariableX  |  0

197- idiots! You can't process all the oxygen in one breath before you breath it out. When you breath into a bag you process the same air again and again, reducing the amount of oxygen each time. You DO breath out oxygen, just less than you took in.

  chlorinator  |  0

I think you meant 172, and 172's comment does reflect the fact that oxygen is consumed, not produced, during respiration. Furthermore, the amount of CO2 in exhaled air is still only about 4%, which is less than the amount of oxygen.

Anyway, the whole argument is moot, because an air embolus could be caused by a bubble of any gas getting into the bloodstream, not just oxygen.