By kingpin7 - 30/03/2011 04:43 - United States

Today, I decided to go down on my girlfriend. In the midst of her orgasm, she grabbed my head with her legs, performing a submission most UFC fighters could be proud of, and she held on for so long that I was suffocated. FML
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if you wee suffocated wouldn't it mean your dead

breathe op, breathe


breathe op, breathe

deep throat her next time. outta teach a lesson or two about suffocating

some places charge extra for that.

OP, follow 1's idea. Maybe shove a small oxygen tank up there so that the next time she does it you can just hook it up and breathe :P

OP couldn't breathe, and therefore died, which is what 'suffocated' means. OP is posting this, either from Heaven, from Hell, or by possessing a human medium to type it up. OP, please, if you are able, tell us what awaits us beyond the veil of death!

Don't blow oxygen into her! That could cause an embolism.

ydi becos u didn't tap out.

Breathe in the Queef

lmao tap out?! haha

lol number 100 you don't exhale Oxygen...

lol number 169, u DO breath out oxygen. atmospheric air (what u inhale) is about 21% oxygen. the air u exhale still has about 15% oxygen. how do u think CPR works?

172- He was simply pointing out that it's mostly carbon dioxide that we breathe out.

169 - CPR works by starting the circulation in the lungs again and you exhale more carbon dioxide than oxygen why do youthink If you breathe into a bag for a long time you'll suffocate you don't keep producing oxygen

love the panda pic, fluffysomething. if u like pandas, then watch this:

197- idiots! You can't process all the oxygen in one breath before you breath it out. When you breath into a bag you process the same air again and again, reducing the amount of oxygen each time. You DO breath out oxygen, just less than you took in.

I think you meant 172, and 172's comment does reflect the fact that oxygen is consumed, not produced, during respiration. Furthermore, the amount of CO2 in exhaled air is still only about 4%, which is less than the amount of oxygen. Anyway, the whole argument is moot, because an air embolus could be caused by a bubble of any gas getting into the bloodstream, not just oxygen.

u can't just grab some ones head and choke them a triangle choke would work but I have to secure it with one leg lol ur the bitch in the relationship

what does op stand for

what does op mean

original poster

if you wee suffocated wouldn't it mean your dead

19 is a genius!

Are you sure your girlfriend isn't The Rock?

Ghosts are real and they use google! Check for urself.. Type: How come i. in the search bar and check the last one..

hahahahahahahaha.... smart ass ;)

22- Good thinking Brock Obama!

haha I was thinkin that

The triangle vag eat. Sounds exhilarating.

It could mean he died, but maybe she resuscitated him. Or he's a zombie. Or maybe he just passed out. She just thought he was dead for a while.

Naaah he could have either just passed out or he'd have been resuscitated.

no u pass out first from suffocation

when an FML starts as "go down on my girlfriend", it shouldn't end as an FML. except in OPs case

hawt & funny at the same time xD

That's what I was thinking XD

Yeah thats hot as!

nice boob? lol I think it's plural not singular

unless they're extremely uneven..duh

ok, everyones comments right here officially fail.

well maybe he feels one is disfigured

Dam I have to find me a girl like that. Haha

I better fond a guy with a tongue like his!

yeah op is one lucky bugger

let's just hope she wasn't s squirter lmao

I did that to my bf but he didn't suffocate! what's wrong with ops gf for suffocating tenpoor guy!!

i kinda enjoy it when they do that...

75 squirters ftw

fuxk that I stay suffocating these hoes lmao

lmao hope u told her

OP, it was during sex so I guess she's off the hook.

OMG did you live?

nah he posted this from his grave... dumbass

It's called sarcasm, ignorant fool.

well we don't like sarcasm up in here BITCH!!!!!! hahaha Jk

nah he was posting this with his final breathe right before he died.

If he did die, I'd love to hear how she would explain this one to the cops.

he lived off of her queefs

too far 113 ... eww

If that's too far, I don't think the comment section of this site is for you.

No. He died. This is his official obituary. He wanted to let the world know that he was committed to the death to give her one true orgasm.

clearly it was sarcasmm 14.

it's called sarcasm... dumbass

Sit on my face and tell me that you love me! 1 Internet for the person who gets that.

I'll sit on yours and tell you I love you, too!

Monty Python! I'll sit on your face and tell you I love you too!

Will you settle for half an Internet each? I have to go to the store to get another one otherwise.

What is a 1 Internet???

1 more Internet than no internets, and one less than two.

39- your explanation isn't very clear. you should mention that it's 2 less than 3 otherwise it's very confusing

do you know Eric? Eric the half a bee.

This whole chain of comments is very very confusing XD

M.Python. sit on my face and tell me that you care!

Why are all your pets called Eric???

My mistake 73, thanks very much for clarifying.

I'll sit on your face and tell you I love you too!! I love to hear you oralize, when I'm between your thighs!

Monty python of course

Can I have 1 potato instead?

Zombie OP!!!!!


aren't u gonna mention your country?

oh, triangle choke in the middle of sex. thats unique. I gotta find a girl like that and btw it should be passed out, not suffocated.

he coulda suffocated and then been resucitated. Probably not but it's an outside possibility. :)