By vaylosa - 22/02/2015 20:36

Today, I decided to go all-natural and go to work without any makeup on. My boss swore I was on drugs, which I guess had absolutely nothing to do with the completely "random" drug test I had to take later in the day. FML
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Happens to the best of us, OP. Whenever I go to school without makeup it seems everybody asks if I'm feeling ok when I'm absolutely fine.

He really CRACKed the whip. but maybe he just needs to get off his HIGH HORSE


Happens to the best of us, OP. Whenever I go to school without makeup it seems everybody asks if I'm feeling ok when I'm absolutely fine.

I get this too! People say 'Wow you look tired' and im like, nope i feel great im just ugly, thanks for noticing.

I'm the opposite. If I show up at school or work wearing makeup, people ask me who I'm trying to impress!!!!

Well, what does makeup do? - Your skin looks more even, maybe your face looks more structured (contoured with bronzer and higzlighter), your cheeks are rosy. Take that away and IN COMPARISON to your usual look you look pasty and swollen. - Your eyes look bigger, deeper and rimmed by a rack of lush lashes. Any trace of eyerings is gone making you look well rested and awake. Take that away and your eyes look smaller and "more flat", the lashes aren't as noticeable. - Lipstick makes your lips more defined and an even color. With that gone your lips look more uneven, pale and aren't as clearly lined. That's why people who have never seen you "au natural" might think you look sick or tired. It could also be that they think you are sick because they are looking for a reason why you break with your habit and don't put on makeup that day.

When I want work to think I'm sick I go in with no makeup...

He really CRACKed the whip. but maybe he just needs to get off his HIGH HORSE

Without the capitalization, I don't think anyone would have gotten that subtle humour :)

Why would you say her boss is "he"

Shadowblast423 3

Traditionally, people use "he" when the gender is not defined.

27- who the fuck cares

Except for the past few centuries when they use they to mean indeterminate gendered singular, including Shakespeare.

The things that makeup and undergarments do to change a person. False advertising in my opinion .

JuliaaNoelle 26

Preach it, #7

You can't falsely advertise the way you look unless you're selling the way you look. So you can't say you were falsely advertised a woman, unless you were looking to pay money for that woman, devildog562.

Also, in this case OP was at her job and I know a lot of bosses expect you to look "put together" when you go to work. So if you work with the public and have dark circles under your eyes, a lot of acne, bruises, or whatever which might make you appear "on drugs," wearing make-up could just be expected of you. Some jobs don't even give you the choice; wearing make-up is required rather than just expected.

Amen! Any person whining about false advertising after the removal of underwear needs to seriously re-assess their priorities in life.

A lot of girls do dress a certain way for attention. Judge all you want, but in my opinion, in a professional atmosphere you are always selling your self as an image of the company and you should be presentable and professional. Funny how you twist this into me want to get laid though. Knew it was going to get down voted but it escalated fast.

Rosebudx 32

Are men required to wear cosmetics if they have dark circles? Bloody double standards like this are why I become a little more feminist each day.

I would argue this more but it's a losing argument with close minded people who wish to make it a one sided victimization. Shame on me for having a opinion.

You put your opinion on the Internet, you opened yourself up for hate. Even more so when you decide not to explain your view. Makeup brings out natural details on a person. Blush brings out cheekbones eyes liner your eyes mascara your eyelashes ect. Some women don't use it that way but that's them. It's to bring out natural beauty and when you feel pretty you feel more confident. I rarely wear makeup but when I do there's s very noticeable change because I have more self esteem. Makeup is up to the person to use and no one should be shamed for choosing to wear it or choosing not to wear it.

How could a girl's choice of undergarments not present her company's image correctly? I'm confused.

rocker_chick23 27

You put your opinion on here, so that gives everyone the freedom to ridicule you. If you don't want that to happen, keep them to yourself.

BubbleGrunge 18

And who calls them undergarments? I have bras and panties that make me feel sexier than others but either sets are still showing off me, not false advertisement. Women are allowed to be sexy and wear make up without some preconceived notion that they're trying to sell themselves for sexual ideas. Wearing make up and "undergarments" don't change me; I want what I want whether I'm in lingerie or sweat pants or business attire.

Which sucks but is true. Some think it makes you look professional. I just think it looks like you put makeup on that day ha. Especially in the performing arts and jobs where you're in the public eye a lot. Back at my college in the performing arts departments the vocalists, actors, dancers, and even instrumentalists had to wear makeup so much. Even the guys for shows. But the most heavy makeup people were the dancers. They had to wear a full face of makeup and bright red lipstick and their hair in a perfect ballet bin sprayed to their head for ballet class. Even when they were about to be sweating for ten hours straight dancing. Full face,full coverage

crazytwinsmom 25

@32 when her thong is showing above her pants in a professional office setting, that's inappropriate.

PerditaDessa 38

I think I fall between the 'makeup is false advertising' and the 'makeup for myself' arguments. The reason I wear makeup is personal and because I like how I look with it on. That doesn't mean it's only for me, though. When you are out in public you are projecting an image to those around you. I want mine to be 'I'm weird as fuck so leave me the hell alone' and do my makeup and clothing in a way that that is what others see when I walk down the street. I am weird and don't like most people so I don't feel like I'm projecting a false image, but my makeup is extreme so I doubt anyone assumes that's how I wake up. If I'm working in the front of the store I'll cover up bags under my eyes or a blemish if I have them that day, but don't wear makeup otherwise because I know I'm a reflection of the business I work at. If OP doesn't come into contact with the public then it shouldn't matter if she looks like she just crawled out of bed or not as long as it doesn't mess with her work. If the undergarments #3 was referring to are the ones that lift, contort and slim then I kind of agree with him. I wouldn't use the word advertising but I doubt that you're wearing something like that solely for yourself. Very rarely is something one thing or the other. I read this as OP was running behind and didn't do her makeup, and that the boss noticed a difference in appearance paired with her behavior being different than normal and drew a rather poor conclusion from his observations.

i understand what you mean #3. she puts up this facade aka cosmetically enhanced perskn, so without it people are like WTH is wrong?! i mean seriously, its called "make. up." and people are not use to seeing that. unfortunately its a sad reality that make up is so common place that some cant leave the house without a base layer. its also unfortunate that make up is like religious and like a mortal sin to go without - even at a young age. and understandably its not just for other people, its for the user...but its society that put it as a thing in the 1st place... my mom and gf both are constant users of make up. its rather distressing at times because my gf. barely lets me see her natural look. and my mom needs lipstick to even look out the door. sad that people are plagued by this.

I am not defending his point of view at all, but I think "undergarments" probably refers to... I'm not going to Google this for confirmation because that's just too weird, but I think it's called shapewear. Stuff like Spanx and corsets that change your body's shape without making it obvious that that's what you're doing. Also, if it's about presenting a professional image and looking your best for the company, I think we should make #3 wear Spanx and foundation. Maybe some mascara and eyeliner to make those eyes really pop. Or at least curl those lashes! For the company. Would that kill him? Are you telling me he's trying as hard as he can to look his best? Not if he's not giving himself every advantage he can!

Absolute complete honesty does not and cannot exist. Putting your best foot forward and basic politeness isn't any more or less honest than make-up.

Cant you say something to hr about that? Dont know if theyd do anything but something like that would really grind my gears

No, contrary to popular belief, drug testing isn't just random

Natural beauty only Goes so far ;)

I've typed 5 or 6 different things out.. I can't comment on this without being a dick. Lucky numbers: 6 23 17 31 8

I usually get asked if I'm sick. Your not alone!

PePziNL 20

His not alone what?

SalenaCrosse 16

I'm really curious what the before makeup and after makeup would look like for some of the people who write FMLs like this.

I wouldn't, the before might be enough of an FML by itself.

Probably before has dark circles under the eyes and a bloodless pallor to cheeks and lips, and after hides the circles while adding colour. Possibly hiding other unevenness in colouration, red splotches or such. Not really much change, but the ideal look achieved by makeup is in it's own way invisible.

nesteremily 31

Your boss must be a complete dick OP, FYL

Your boss is a jerk for assuming that. You should have let him know you didn't have make up on though. Sorry OP