By Anonymous - 30/04/2014 14:52 - Canada - Calgary

Today, I decided to face one of my fears. I've never had a birthday party, out of fear that nobody would come. I sent out a mass text inviting people out for my birthday, trying to sound casual. The only replies I received were along the lines of "Who the hell's this?" FML
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Happy Birthday!!

I would come to your birthday party. ☺️


Happy Birthday!!


Happy birthday tooo you!

Happy Birthday, dead OP!


Happy birthday. Now you have had both a Jeep and now a Cadillac wish you a happy birthday. Not many can say that OP!

classiceagle63 16

Can you say homeschooled!

To the gamer In you! Happy day of leveling up!

It's my birthday today too :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!!

Thanks for the giggle, 35. I almost thought you knew something the rest of us didn't.

JuliaaNoelle 26

It's my birthday too! :)

I would come to your birthday party. ☺️

Based on your name, I'm guessing you wouldn't.

Judging by #11's name We shouldn't listen to anything they say because they're a quack.

According to #23's username ..

Must be that time of the month for 23.

^ for some odd reason, I am starting to believe #23's statement.

myind_yabiness 13

According to my name I think y'all need to ...

Disregard my name... I am Batman

Shut up catwomen. I'm batman.

This thread went from entertaining to "wtf" in 3.6 seconds.

groovycrazyjoe 18

I agree with 71 . At first I was laughing then it went down hill. people started saying bizarre stuff

More like you couldn't make it up the hill. I was quite amused with the direction the train was headed. Boo booooo.

Lol! Wow a girl said something that was something other than super super nice. She's OBVIOUSLY riding the cotton pony.

Ihavegas 22

so much sass

Happy birthday! I know how you feel!

746278Ab 14

Awe I'm sorry! I hope it gets better:) happy birthday!

Alcohol and they will come.

hippo1234 19

And cake. Alcohol and cake, and they will come.

What's a party without food or snacks? Can't forget about that either.

You're forgetting the music!

They're not forgetting the music. If you book them, they will come.

Girls and the guys will come

You need blackjack and hookers as well.

Aaaw I'm so sorry.

BubbleGrunge 18

Take yourself out, OP, and buy yourself some drinks!

Yeah! You don't need some big party to have a good time! Happy birthday!

And so starts that strange journey down that road to alcoholism...

Marty20612 5

Aww I'm sorry.. Who needs people anyways!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)!!!

oddities 20

A lot of people are douches, after all. Also, happy birthday, OP. (:|>

I'm sorry OP but on the bright side your day can only get better from now on! Happy Birthday!

I'm pretty sure it could still get worse.

Indianboy9321 25

That honestly sucks, I remember as a child that birthday parties were some of the most exciting things ever. I really hope you get to experience the same joy, so I will suggest inviting your friends in person to make the party all the more special, rather than wasting your time and money on people that don't know or care about you.