By scared shitless in ohio - United States - Dublin
Today, I decided to be friendly and say hi to the weird kid at school, who was sitting by himself eating lunch. After I said hello, he stared up at me intensely and said, "I don't have many friends. Yeah. Mainly 'cause I've eaten most of them." FML
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He was probably just joking around. Most people who spend their time alone develop a different sense of humor..and on top of that he could have been showing you his weird side to see if you'd stay around for his other kind of putting a hard shell on from people hurting him. All in all, I wouldn't take it literally op, look into it deeper.

  queerdragon  |  20

I know a lot of the "weird" kids at my old high school were likely to tell weird jokes or seem off-putting because people would pretend to be nice then mock them.

  NessaMae  |  19

My best friend and I are best friends because she couldn't draw a duck one day and even though she was shy and weird she came up to me and said, "Uh..can you draw me a duck?" I drew her the duck and and we've been best friends since then. That was 3 years ago.

  CtrlAltDef3at  |  4

55, the wierd kids are ussually really worth talking to. Most of my.friends right now were ones I didn't really know when I first met them. It ended up they were pretty cool. As people say "you shouldn't judge a book by its.cover"

  Meettitan  |  14

Am I the only one who sees this kid talking to his food everyday because he has no friends, and then going through a "Wilson!!" moment from Cast Away after he eats his lunch?

  jasmine2301  |  25

#28, you sound like you know what you're taking about...

  negb  |  30

CEOs and chairmen because they've eaten everybody above their old position!
The weird kid from my school works at Walmart :/

By  cmayer  |  20

Years of making this mistake have not been able to keep me from being nice to the weird kid bc I feel bad that everyone else is mean to them. Got stalked once. The point is, it could be worse.

  starile  |  19

#84 and #88 Christ, I certainly hope I'm not the only one that caught #61's obvious sexual innuendo. Otherwise I AM inclined to believe you're all 9 years old. #61, at least this creepy old man appreciates your jokes!

  nightbirdblue  |  27

I've ate the lettuce that was talking to me once. Luckily, it seemed to be one of those friends that you actually hate. It tasted pretty good and was quite satisfying.

By  amaindayyy46  |  20

If he's lying then he's funny and you should be friends with him. If he was being serious, please don't get involved with a cannibal. I think we both know how that would end.