By mariana - 08/02/2014 00:18 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I decided to ask the guy I like if he'll be my Valentine. I wrote the question on a piece of paper and passed it to him, trying to be cute. He read it, wrote his answer with a smile, and passed it back. It said, "Depends, do you swallow?" No, no I don't. FML
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I think it's better you not be with a guy like that. There are better guys out there for you. Keep your hopes up OP and good luck.

Well it would be a very awkward dinner if you didn't swallow anything.


I think it's better you not be with a guy like that. There are better guys out there for you. Keep your hopes up OP and good luck.

kayteakay 26

I agree. That guy is a piece of shit.

A ton of guys at my school are like this. Way too many girls like them. It's just sad.

buttcramp 21

totally! A guy should like you for who you are, OP. Any sexual "extras" or "tricks" should be a bonus not a requirement.

OP I'm sure it won't be long before finding someone who appreciates you for your personality. At least you don't have a crush on this guy (I hope).

This guy only wants sex, he won't really care about you, you deserve a lot better!!!

michaelaranda 28

Well, on the bright side, OP doesn't seem super upset about this. And OP, I applaud you for sticking up for your standards.

#29, did you even read the fml?

Kuro_Kamen 12

wow, hope she wasn't looking for a relationship.

I was going to be worried about Valentine's Day, but I think I'll be fine...

Sorry OP find a man who will treat you better

So you spit? nice to know... "writes down on notebook"

it would probably go down like this.

"Sputters never win." This is a known fact, step your game up OP.

6FootUnder 11

So you're lesbian? Nice to know... "Writes down on notebook".

flashback_fml 14

What does sputting have to do with it?

I think he meant spitting but im not sure...

AnOriginalName 19

#43, if you're really going to degrade people like that on the internet, at least get it right. It's "Spitters are quitters."

Wow all that over an obvious autocorrect shenanigan. Had to update my iPhone OS. This new one sucks and autocorrects words for no reason. Not to mention the FML app is crashing every few minutes with this OS.

95 - a bad workman blames his tools.

@#100 No, it's just a typical apple product.

#95 your problem is that you have an iPhone.

chocolatefrog28 29

An African or a European swallow? Seriously OP, you're better off without a "gem" like that guy. Buy yourself a card/candy/flowers/whatever and go have a good time with your friends instead.

I think it would depend on the airspeed velocity of the swallow.

and whether it could carry a coconut

AnOriginalName 19

Hold up. I was under the impression that coconuts migrate.

It could grip it by then husk.

*the Stupid fingers :(

What if there were two swallows? then they could carry the weight

\ 28

How could a five-ounce swallow carry a one-pound coconut?

But African swallows are non migratory

His next question is going to be "do you wanna start?"

I like the username man

Us deezy's gotta stick together

Now Kiss *insert meme*

Still a better love story than twilight

At least you know how immature he is.

juststephhere 23

I hope you punched him.

NiceGuysDoWin 21

Why punch him? Jesus, he may be immature, but resorting to violence for a stupid joke? Good luck with the assault and battery charge, lady.

#124- looks like someone doesn't know what joking is

Few people on FML know what joking is.. always so sensitive!

nurchok 15

#7 ... in the nuts...

We're NOT sensitive! That's a TERRBLE, TERRIBLE (sob, gurgle, gurgle) thing to say!!!!!!

Maybe Cupid could change that OP.

I don't think Cupid can fix that worthless pile of shit

"But Cupid got me in a chokehold" "ba ba da da, ba ba da da"

Well it would be a very awkward dinner if you didn't swallow anything.

That comment was so innocent.

As was yours. Learn to take a joke, would ya?

the top comment is cute and true, but this made me die laughing

You don't need to be with a guy like him anyways but kudos for having to courage to ask.