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  idefka  |  33

But think of all the things people could be reusing! *shudders*

toilet paper
feminine hygene products
bath or shower water
chewing gum

Yeah, I think Ill just use coupons to save money.

By  klorehore  |  24

If you're sharing the milk that's pretty disgusting, get your own separate milk carton? If he's the only one drinking from that milk then I guess it won't affect you in any way?

  klorehore  |  24

Perhaps for some people, me and my previous roommates always had our own shelf in the refrigerator with our own food. We just shared an apartment for cheaper rent, but we never shared the food, so for me it seemed natural to have your own milk carton :)

  callie06  |  6

I agree, #8. It's much easier to just buy food and drinks for yourself than try to make sure you've split it fairly. When I tried to buy ice cream with my roommates (cones that could be evenly distributed), I came back after a weekend at home to find they had given half of mine to other friends because they'd miscounted. I was a bit angry because I paid as much as they did for half the ice cream. = It surprises me when I hear of roommates that buy groceries together all the time.