By 3peeps - 30/12/2011 07:13 - United States

Today, I came to the conclusion that I was right about thinking how much it would hurt to hit your head on a door-frame, stub your toe on a stone table leg, and then trip over your cat, who won't take it well and will probably claw your recently stubbed toe. FML
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That sounds like a purrty painful situation. I'm not kittin..


i hate when that happens!

^^^^ I love Good Charlotte

no one cares^

you are awesome!

littlegold 7

Your too cool. Thats good. :p

bfrench95 0

What was your hypothesis..?

Murphy's law in action, FYL Op

Better luck next year op! Fyl

enonymous 8

All of Newtons theories happened here.

Today was just not your day. Sorry OP that really sucks!:(

bfrench95 0

Dafuq? Wheres my comment? FML you delete for no reason!

SecretMe00 5

Ya, seriously... I hope the cat is ok. And what's OP mean by he came to the conclusion that it would hurt?! Isn't that common sense, you stub your toe, etc and there WILL be pain experienced.

If you want my straight-up opinion I think most cats are not "ok". I swear they purposely put themselves in these positions so they have an excuse to scratch the living daylights out of any available body part.

What is OP?

toe stubbs are so painful...

nixter5 18

That and when you slam your hip on the corner of a wall. You feel like you've been shot!

GoW_Chick 14

Or when you bash your funny bone on the corner of a table, I know that makes me curse like a sailor.

Or when you hit your head on a metal shelf. I did that yesterday and cussed like lil Wayne.

nixter5 18

"Man F*ck these bi*ch a** shelves!!!"

92- haha exactly!!;)

GoW_Chick 14

Just the image of that made made me cringe. And did you mean pesky(damn I don't think that's spelled right) or is pesty some new interweb term I'm not famliar with?

Am I the only one who got 97's reference?

SloaneJoyyBooty 0

awh! poor kitty!

blondebrunette11 4

How drunk were you..?

My guess is: very

I'm not as think as your drunk I am planned to do all of this?

sugarandspice33 0

Trying to hurt yourself, are you? Tsk tsk

It does sound as though the OP has had many philosophical musings on this particular hypothetical sequence of events prior to their actual occurrence...

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Too many big words... My brain hurts..

Can anyone translate #71 to modern day English?

Lik dis if u cry evertim

It sounds more like the OP had contemplated this exact sequence of events in full before its occurrence. Which implies either an incredibly dubious coincidence or doing it intentionally. Either that or they were just trying to make it sound "funnier" by being excessively loquacious.

DalPozzo13 10

Damn, fyl.

That sounds like a purrty painful situation. I'm not kittin..

nixter5 18

You sir, are incredibly punny!!

Poooooooooooooooooooop e

crazychick1269 7

^ ???


You thought about how much this would all hurt?