By Anonymous - United Kingdom
  Today, I came home, turned on my laptop, and turned the TV on mute so I could check my email. My mom came home an hour later, took a look at me on the couch, then the TV, and asked what on earth I was watching. I looked up from my laptop and realized it was porn. FML
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  tygerarmy  |  35

If the tv was not on mute I'd believe this more. I used to turn my tv on for background noise when I first started living alone. But to turn the tv on mute to go on your computer for an hour and not notice there was porn. It's ok OP girls are allowed to look at porn too, no need to be embarrassed.

  boopityboppity  |  11

She isn't looking to figure out life. She's looking to figure out the afterlife, because everyone knows that hell is just a Justin Bieber show* that lasts for eternity.

*I say "show" because the word "concert" implies that there is music being presented.

  DA14573  |  6

Cinemax, HBO, and Showtime all tend to play softcore porn at night. Especially Cinemax, thus the nickname "Skinemax".. I would have though this would be common knowledge since all you have to do is run thru the guide at night and see all the suggestive program names.

  docscientist  |  9

I don't understand the point of posting a bio, them calling someone a stalker for reading's like wearing a see-thru and being pissed everybody is staring at you.

  Toasty283  |  8

#6. You can get porn on Showtime passed 11 PM. I know because whenever I watch tv on weekends, it always says shit like "desperate housewives" or "Best sex ever" or "Hotel Erotica"

By  AMMYFIST  |  0

I'm confused as to why you a) turned the TV on then muted it then payed no attention to it, waste of money and electricity much? and b) had to mute the TV to check your email...

It all sounds suss to me, pretty sure you were just watching porn.

  satomi_ishida  |  0

66 - Seems to me like she was ignoring the tv for an hour and never watched it. Thus why it's a waste of electricity and power.

We not all be poor but you shouldn't waste it like that. OP probably didn't care because she's not paying the electric bill.