By betrayed - United States - Portland
Today, I came home early, only to hear a mad scramble in the living room. I found my now ex-girlfriend and best friend in there, sweaty and in their underwear. The idiot actually had the balls to claim he was teaching her how to do push-ups. FML
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  Kruiser  |  16

When you say 'the idiot actually had the balls' you're saying that because you kicked his balls so hard they aren't functioning anymore, right? People like that shouldn't reproduce

By  Vitally  |  6

Now teach her how to pick up her belongings off the street, then teach him how to dodge a punch. The second one might take a few tries before he gets it right.

  teentee401  |  36

This isn't really "bros before hoes" since he didn't chose a "hoe" over a bro.

It's more like "bros before being a dick and sleeping with your bro's girlfriend"