By Anonymous - 07/11/2010 00:37 - Canada

Today, I came home and saw my roommate had taken out the garbage for the first time in the three years we have lived in the same house. Unfortunately, the bag of laundry I had by the door was taken out with it as well. FML
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FYLDeep 25

Do you keep your laundry in a garbage bag?

I think it's time you invested in a laundry basket or bag. It will change your life.. fact


gusgus36 5

that sucks :( what a terrible roommate!

Its the thought that counts ;D

desigirl2010 0

Really? I have many thoughts.

DudeImBetter 0

9 - yea, but your thoughts don't count toward anything desigirl.

sarinasusu 2

#13 Don't be mean! Everybody's special(: And aw, i'm sorry OP. Mall crawl?

terrible roommate? Not really... other than not taking out the garbage for so long its not really roomies fault Op left a trash bag full of clothes next to the garbage.

DudeImBetter 0

15 - But she took a normal everyday first comment replier and a normal everyday expression comment and tried to be sarcastic to somebody else, it's only right to cyber bully a cyber bullier.

uh-oh spaghetti-o's

hey this was my fml!!! -.- wow.

yer I thought I have heard that somewhere

but it says 0 out of 7 posts on your page, did it get removed or something?

no, I submitted this, and the OP must have been moderating, said no, and put it as his own. what REALLY happened was that our house was being renovated and there were trash bags everywhere, and we had our laundry in a trash bag under the stairs because our laundry basket was in storage, and my brother threw out all of he trash including the laundry. :(

FYLDeep 25

Do you keep your laundry in a garbage bag?

I wondered the same. If it was in a laundry bag or basket, he's either an idiot or doesn't like OP.

dreaGiallo 0

why didn't you ever say anything to your roommate, I mean come on three years?? I

paid2think 0

Wowww it's like having a son :). They do the right thing but they somehow mess it up :P

amberbby69 6

Make him/her take it out of the trash. If the bag didn't open, your clothes should be fine.

My interpretation was that the collectors had already come for it. Otherwise OP could've just grabbed it with no problem.

just go to garbage bag to look for

for some reason, i feel like he knew.

if you want something done right.. do it yourself dont complain

robc32ca 4

why were you using a garbage bag for laundry? it wasn't malicious.