By FASHlONABLE - 05/04/2010 07:32 - United States

Today, I came back from a week long class trip. My mother took it upon herself to replace my bed sheets and clean my room. Apparently, she found a note under my mattress from my ex-boyfriend. It said "For all you future dudes, Connor was here first!" FML
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lmao at #1 but hell mr Connor there marked his territory the old fashion way marking the bitch

respect for conor haha

lol nice one Connor

21 you're pic is sexxyyy!!! lmao(:

Lol total badass by Connor. This isn't a FML btw, there's no mention of naughtiness.

hahahahahaha!!!!! xD this fml is hilarious..

You have no other options.... kill them bith and make more twins.

37, wrong FML FTL

my neighbors name is Connor oh my

hahahaha that's awsomely funny:D

maybe I should do this to my girlfriend "To all you future chicks, Rose was here first" haha eat your heart out girls and guys

lol this is full of win. connor needs a high five

63- I love you too <33

hahahaha my name is Connor spelled the same way too :P

Connor should have just branded the op with a big C

Legendary is the perfect word lol!! but I agree! change your sheets more often !!

Youre gonna see this in the next history book

omg wat a legend

where'd my post go?! grr I hate when this happens but I do get past anti flood though

I'm pretty sure he coukdve gone with his animal iinstints and just pissed on her. doggy style

haha #11 is hott lol

his legend still holds strong!

that is just EPIC!!

connor is fuckin awesome!!

I can see a new fml here... today, my daughter came home from a week long class trip. I decided to clean her room and found a note under her matress saying "for all you future dudes, Connor was here first!" FML :) that Connors got skills :) x

for real!!! hahah nice one dude, even though i'm a chick i think that way of "marking his territory" is pretty freakin hillarius. that sounds like something my boyfriend would do. lol and i'd let him

I actually lol'd at this in real life, not just saying it's funny.

total ownage

well obviusly we have a rapist here....

legend wait for it .... dary!

Change your sheets more often. Sheesh.

who says Connor datedher a long time ago?

and they broke up whyyyyyy

hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha Suck a fat one ya hoe.

territory claimed

wordd!! I wonder what his mom was thinking lmfaoo

haha means you are a virgin?

No, Connor sorted that out for the OP :P Also, @OP, that isn't really an FML unless your mum is really uptight about staying a virgin. In which case FYL. However Connor sounds like a bit of a legend there.

that corresponds with your number of brain cells. q

Same number as your amount of dislikes

Man that would suck. I'm sorry :(

In soviet Russia, virginity loses YOU!

lol nice. in soviet Russia, Connor pwns U

roflmfao! That is awsome!

i am sorry but that is hilarious! roflmao

bwahaha!!! c xD I should do that to my bf :p

hahahahahahaha do it!