By FASHlONABLE - 05/04/2010 07:32 - United States

Today, I came back from a week long class trip. My mother took it upon herself to replace my bed sheets and clean my room. Apparently, she found a note under my mattress from my ex-boyfriend. It said "For all you future dudes, Connor was here first!" FML
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Blur009er 0

territory claimed



OP is owned

Peacemaker9 7

lmao at #1 but hell mr Connor there marked his territory the old fashion way marking the bitch

respect for conor haha

iAmPaul 49

lol nice one Connor

ashlynn610 12

I lol'd

ashlynn610 12

21 you're pic is sexxyyy!!! lmao(:

mirkatsboss 0

haha I'm gay

Lol total badass by Connor. This isn't a FML btw, there's no mention of naughtiness.

RachelTheLoser 0

hahahahahaha!!!!! xD this fml is hilarious..

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You have no other options.... kill them bith and make more twins.

37, wrong FML FTL

Erkxx3S 0

my neighbors name is Connor oh my

hahahaha that's awsomely funny:D

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50 ur kinda hot..

ButterflyBaby 0

50 ur kinda hot...


maybe I should do this to my girlfriend "To all you future chicks, Rose was here first" haha eat your heart out girls and guys

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lol this is full of win. connor needs a high five


63- I love you too <33

sugarbabyxoxo 2

Connor FTW lol

Someone_somewere 7

hahahaha my name is Connor spelled the same way too :P

Connor should have just branded the op with a big C

Legendary is the perfect word lol!! but I agree! change your sheets more often !!

PiiScHkE 0

Youre gonna see this in the next history book

omg wat a legend

where'd my post go?! grr I hate when this happens but I do get past anti flood though

I'm pretty sure he coukdve gone with his animal iinstints and just pissed on her. doggy style

smellyoldlady 0

haha #11 is hott lol

his legend still holds strong!

that is just EPIC!!

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connor is ****** awesome!!

I can see a new fml here... today, my daughter came home from a week long class trip. I decided to clean her room and found a note under her matress saying "for all you future dudes, Connor was here first!" FML :) that Connors got skills :) x

hollisterrchic94 0

for real!!! hahah nice one dude, even though i'm a chick i think that way of "marking his territory" is pretty freakin hillarius. that sounds like something my boyfriend would do. lol and i'd let him

Thabb 0

I actually lol'd at this in real life, not just saying it's funny.

total ownage

well obviusly we have a rapist here....

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total WIN

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legend wait for it .... dary!

Change your sheets more often. Sheesh.

who says Connor datedher a long time ago?

and they broke up whyyyyyy

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ahaha funny

Sadlittlekid 0

hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha Suck a fat one ya hoe.

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territory claimed

michie56 0

wordd!! I wonder what his mom was thinking lmfaoo

haha means you are a virgin?

No, Connor sorted that out for the OP :P Also, @OP, that isn't really an FML unless your mum is really uptight about staying a virgin. In which case FYL. However Connor sounds like a bit of a legend there.

shadow33456 1

I'm number 7

that corresponds with your number of brain cells. q

MichieBabiie 0

lmao 49

Same number as your amount of dislikes

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Man that would suck. I'm sorry :(

In soviet Russia, virginity loses YOU!

nrose1000 0

lol nice. in soviet Russia, Connor pwns U

roflmfao! That is awsome!

makingyouhappy33 3

i am sorry but that is hilarious! roflmao

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bwahaha!!! c xD I should do that to my bf :p

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hahahahahahaha do it!