By FASHlONABLE / Monday 5 April 2010 07:32 / United States
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  sophiem4861  |  0

I can see a new fml here...
today, my daughter came home from a week long class trip. I decided to clean her room and found a note under her matress saying "for all you future dudes, Connor was here first!" FML :)
that Connors got skills :) x


for real!!! hahah nice one dude, even though i'm a chick i think that way of "marking his territory" is pretty freakin hillarius. that sounds like something my boyfriend would do. lol and i'd let him

  Cinn_fml  |  22

No, Connor sorted that out for the OP :P

Also, @OP, that isn't really an FML unless your mum is really uptight about staying a virgin. In which case FYL. However Connor sounds like a bit of a legend there.

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