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Today, I called my husband's mistress to confront her. Her husband answered and immediately began hitting on me. He asked what was taking me so long to join their circle and if I was as into dp as his wife is. I don’t know whether to vomit from rage or disgust. FML
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Why are you confronting the mistress and not your husband? She’s not the one that took vows.

YDI for not confronting your HUSBAND.


Calm down, Dr. Pepper is not that bad. Not unless you drink so much it comes out of all your lower orifices at the same time!

If you drink that much Dr. Pepper, it sounds like you’ll be ready for some dp...

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I agree. Doctor Pepper is actually pretty good, but I only drink the diet, carbs are the enemy.

Why are you confronting the mistress and not your husband? She’s not the one that took vows.

YDI for not confronting your HUSBAND.

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End of the day, the one who made the decision to cheat on you is your husband, not the woman he is cheating on you with (and her husband by the sounds of it(.

Well at least you know it is just sex for him and he is not emotionally involved with her. Obviously your husband has sexual desires not being met and if your not open to explore them with him should probably part ways. good luck to you and sorry you are hurting at the minute...

Don’t you dare don’t you dare don’t you dare blame the woman at home that his needs aren’t being met!! OLD SCHOOL EXCUSE for a perv-he’s a pervert and he needs to go to pervert camp maybe hang out with the swingers but he doesn’t need to be married to a nice girl

slander the trio on the internet

Sounds like he found something you weren't willing to do. Sorry

I am deeply sorry, but damn, I was laughing 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

what is with these comments shaming the wife for having a cheating husband? What is with all the blaming her, suggesting she didnt out out or should be comfortable with this? This behaviour on his part is shocking . And if the mistress knew OP absolutely should confront them. If they didn't, OP should be able to tell them he has a wife!

It’s taking every fiber of my being not to comment on each of the answers saying she did something wrong.

Oh this is so typical of the blame is always on the female vagina even though it’s the perfect man who is wondering with a penis that can go into any kind of dumpster but of course it’s her fault

The poly world has taken your husband! either ditch him or join him. I vote ditch tbh

no, no, no! as a member of "the poly world" - we do not like lying jack asses who do not understand that the BASIS of successful poly is open and honest communication between ALL partners. we don't want cheating, lying slime balls

You're absolutely right. I apologize for insulting you. Please accept my apology. It was extremely tasteless.