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  nonsensical  |  26

you hope who went down?

  Kielnmsoftly  |  26

Actually there was once a news article about some sex dolls (I don't think blowups but whatever) and people paid upward of 60k to take them on dates then back o hotels......yeah it was a real thing I regret reading.

  jazzy_123  |  20

or maybe because makeup feels different on the hand than on the face. I tried a foundation on my hand to test color and when I wore it on my face, it broke me out, but guess what? my hand was fine!! *gasp*

  Redgy22  |  26

Your face is completly different from your hand/arm. That's how you test the color, not check for a reaction. Unfortunately, I been through this a few times & the only way is to look at the ingredients. There are many commonly used chemicals in make-up & sunscreens that produce horrible reactions in some people. It used to be trial & error or seeing physician & having test done were the only ways to know, but nowadays it's much easier to research this information. Sorry it happened to you OP. It's miserable, painful, & sometimes can take days to go away. Most people don't really understand until it happens to them or they see it happen to someone they know. Also, it's not a matter if price, it's only about the chemicals used.


You shouldn't use your hand, it's toughened up from day to day life. What you should use, is the tender side of your elbow. It's also more likely to be closer to the colour of your face

  annalily5  |  28

A breakout and an allergic reaction are two different things. This was an allergic reaction. That should still show up as at least a rash or some itching on the arm.