By Sleepdeprived - United States - Falmouth
Today, I bought some crickets as a treat for my lizard. One escaped and somehow got into the heating system in my room. The chirping is amplified and comes from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Goodbye, restful sleep. FML
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It will be dead within a week or two. Lifespan of house crickets (acheta domesticus, the species propagated worldwide for pet food and in eastern countries, human food!) is only 2-3 months tops, and much of that life was already spent as a wingless juvenile. If it is chirping, it is an adult cricket, and it doesn't have much time left. Add that to the fact that is was raised as a pet store cricket which are generally underfed and overcrowded.... It will be dead before you know it.

The suggestion of turning up the heat would likely work well.

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#46 Are you an entomologist?


Nope, I am just a reptile and insect enthusiast. I have a pretty good knowledge of that kind of stuff, but I do not have a degree in either entomology or herpetology. I don't study them scientifically, I just keep them on a professional level and do a lot of reading. I am an artist by trade, the reptiles and bugs are just my passions. I have bred thousands of crickets and other feeder insects for my reptiles, so the whole knowing way too much about crickets kind of just comes with that. In my family/friend circle I am definitely "that person" that you can always count on to deliver useless facts. :)

71, I lol'ed, and so did my husband, because even I was disturbed by that after I re-read my comment!

  daisylokes  |  16

did you know that if you record them and slow down the recording afterwards, they sound like angels singing, i swear! google it, if you dont believe me. Gods cricket choir :)

By  Divia1  |  9

It will die soon and dry up quickly, don't worry. I absolutely despise crickets. if you want to treat your lizard get him hornworms or Phoenix Worms.


Agreed... Crickets alone are rather nutritionally poor anyways and are good parasite vectors. The hornworms are great if your lizard is big enough to eat them. Phoenix worms, super worms, several species of roach, etc.... If you want something similar sized to crickets, you can now buy Turkish roaches as feeders, and you can even buy them frozen. My lizards all readily eat them off the tongs, even dead like that.

  GraceyBlueEyes  |  13

Shame that in Aus crickets, woodies, and meal worms are all that's commercially available. Silk worms are seasonally available but very expensive. Now they are available my dragon is brumating.

  Divia1  |  9

You can get Phoenix Worms/hornworms online. I live in Newfoundland. We order feeders from the states by the thousands for our beardies. Roaches are illegal here, non-native pest species. Also, you can actually get horn worms small enough for any lizard online!

By  kscogin55  |  12

Time to call the exterminator... Or maybe try to use it as a peaceful sound to fall asleep to. I'm used to sleeping in silence and I hate the ticking sound my clock makes, but I just learn to tune it out. Might not be super helpful but worth a shot :/