By wellalrightythen / Monday 9 February 2015 06:23 / United States - Hobart
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By  OhWhoCares  |  42

I feel for you OP. Half the struggle of flying is having to deal with the general public and shit like this happens. Hopefully your lip heals quickly. Although I'm not so sure I would've been able to hold myself together long enough to let her just waltz away after hurting my face...


Well, actually you can't really win a suit here for assault. Assault is when you are threatened and feel in danger of injury. The actual injury is called battery, and it has to be intentional. You could sue and win for negligence, probably.

By  myind_yabiness  |  13

Is it a long flight? If so, find where she sits & spill your in flight beverage *I recommend coca cola* on her face. When she falls asleep, or while she's awake don't let her get away with this.

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