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Today, I asked out the man of my dreams. He told me he'd ask his dad if it was okay. I thought he was just kidding, until he pulled out his phone and called his dad. After a few minutes of "come on, dad" and "but why?" he hung up and said his dad wouldn't let him. He's 22. FML
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ShinedownLuv 14

Yeah, I think he was B.Sing you

Doesn't sound like a man to me.


ShinedownLuv 14

Yeah, I think he was B.Sing you

whether he was BSing you or being serious, either way you're probably better off without him.

Yeah, everyone knows boys answer to their moms, not their dads.

#27 What if they don't have a mom...

#28 What if they're Batman?

#32 What if they're Spider-Man?

What if there moms Wonderwomen

Yuck. I dated a dude that was like this with his mom, he was almost 21 and had a curfew and a bedtime. Their relationship was down right creepy and weird as f*ck.... Trust me, you're SO much better without him if he was serious!

K410 18

Sooo you were dating Howard from Big Bang Theory? O.o

Gonna have to keep this in mind for next time lol easily makes you so unattractive you don't have to hurt their feelings

#52: she better not, Bernadette would have beaten her to a pulp.

How so? He could be an awesome guy.. Just not interested in op... Humor is a Nice personality trait.

74 - Yeah but if you aren't interested in someone, you don't make a joke out of turning them down. Just makes you look like an asshole.

It wasn't a joke, he was trying to let her down without hurting her feelings.

38- Killed it.

Yeah because Howard's mom is both a woman and a man.

A daddy's boy at heart.

I don't think he actually called his dad.

Must suck to be a twenty two year old virgin.

Zimmington 21

Daddy's boy?.... Gay

Definitely sounds like a game he and his friends play to get out of going out with girls they don't want to see. He probably does it for his buddy, too. Sorry :/

right 22, because waiting for the special girl instead of whoring around is much better.

Doesn't sound like a man to me.

I think this is where the quote, "sometime your knight in shining armor is just an idiot in tinfoil," is applicable.

Better that this happened before the man of your dreams turned into a nightmare.

tarantaran 4

Well, ****.

I don't think that's something his dad would be ok with either..


Sorry sweetheart, but i've seen that line get used before by one of my mates.

Tell your mate that he's an ass

Well I kind of used it too... But it was out of desperation, to break up with this girl who didn't seem to understand that "this is not working", "we're done" and other "I'm breaking up with you"s meant that we were actually done... After a few weeks I didn't know what to do anymore, so I asked my dad to come and get rid of her. So he told her I wasn't allowed to date her. I was 21. So maybe OP is some kind of crazy stalker too...

If he wasn't faking it, would you really wanna be with someone on that short of a leash?

And if he was faking it? Would you still wanna be with him, OP?

Either way, doesn't look like she really gets the choice...

Honestly be glad that didn't work out because in the future he may have called his dad to ask if he could have sex.

And after he gets the permission, he will call to ask for instructions..

Word because he is probably a virgin since he isn't allowed to date lol

thrAsHeRr9081 16

What is it with you about teens and virgins? Being a virgin at that age is perfectly acceptable, and I'm sorry if you feel differently.

He could of possibly faked the call. If so, I wouldn't fret over a guy like him :/

Bryanb1306 13

*Could have.