By Roma - United States - Chevy Chase
Today I asked my mother-in-law to borrow a plunger, so she asked what I needed it for. "Poop," I replied. "I've told you this before," she huffed, "you have to poop a little and then flush, poop a little and flush. You can't go all at once." I can't even shit right for this woman. FML
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By  species4872  |  19

She wants you to make jellybeans like a rabbit.

By  bigtwobah  |  6

Obviously, the poop/flush/poop/flush suggestion is silly.

However, if someone repeatedly wanted to borrow a plunger from me, I would probably also get snarky.

Buy your own plunger.

  PhoenixChick  |  26

Do you normally keep your own plunger at every one of your friend and family's houses? Does everyone else do that too? Are they all labeled and lined up in a row for when their owner comes to visit?