By feel so dirty
Today, I asked my husband when he first knew he loved me. He replied, totally honestly, that I was the easiest girl he'd ever managed to talk into a one night stand, only instead of doing the walk of shame the next morning, I stayed so long we ended up married with kids. FML
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By  withered  |  30

He is an idiot. First - he is just as "easy" as the women he slept with. I guess others didn't think of him being for anything more than a one night stand. And what's with his "talking women into having sex with him"? If he needed to talk them into having sex, I guess he just wasn't enough attractive to get them without pestering.

By  Chazzster  |  20

A good example of why you should not ask some questions...

Regardless of how it started, it has gone well and I think OP and her husband deserve praise for that.

By  KittyMack  |  13

To me the FYL isn't what his reminiscence happened to reveal about his first impression/intentions, it's that he avoided the question. Why would he not tell her when he fell in love? Does that mean he never fell in love with her, just settled for her because he didn't think he could do any better or some sort of thing like that?