By Jong - 10/03/2009 02:35 - United States

Today, I arrived at work only to be arrested and accused of stealing over $8000 from my job. 5 hours later at the police station, the discovery was made that the actual thief had an employee ID one digit different than mine. He works at another location over 1200 miles away. FML
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MCart_fml 0

5 hours is fairly quick for the police to understand an embezzlement case...

I would sue the hell out of these assholes.


MCart_fml 0

5 hours is fairly quick for the police to understand an embezzlement case...

Bubs_fml 0

So did they catch the other guy or did they just say "screw it" and let him go?

I would sue the hell out of these assholes.

Oh please, it was a mistake

I don't know about sue but someone definitely owns him huge favor/rise

How could 32 people think he deserved that one? O_O;;; wtf... I would sue them like #3 said.

Seeing as you're from the USA you can mostlikely sue the shit out of them, because thats what americans do. Personally i would find it a funny story to tell to your kids, and ofc demand a raise :P

magicalrubixdude 0

I take offense to that not all Americans do things like you think

ummmyeahhh 0

did you get fired or can you keep your job? do your coworkers think differently of you? #1 they probably looked at the withdrawals again and realized that the ID numbers were different. once they spotted that, they kind of had to let him go.

I'd just be thankful they realized the mistake!

vampyr8 0

Yeah, somehow, 'oops, our bad' doesn't seem to cover it. I can understand their concern, but geez... with all of their resources they should be able to at least get their facts straight before they start bringing people into custody. And what the hell is with people going, "He deserved that one." Imagine having your identity stolen because it's one digit different from someone else. Idiots. Sorry dude, but I agree with #1 - 5 hours is pretty good all things considering. You shouldn't have had to go through it, but at least they didn't retain you on false charges even longer. Did you get a raise?

Zombie_Sex 0

To all the people saying "sue them" this is exactly whats wrong with America today. They made a mistake, for the love of Christ stop turning everything into a sue happy world just because your day was inconvenienced. That being said, that sucks that happened

Its more than just being inconvenienced. Now his employers will think differently about OP and so will his coworkers. The arrest will stay on his record whether or not he did it.