By pheonixxe - 01/06/2015 22:45 - United States - Sheridan

Today, frustrated with my very energetic kids, I told them that if they dug a hole deep enough in the backyard, they'd find China. What they really found was the previous owner's dog. FML
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. . .leftover Chinese

was the dog ok doe.

At least they were going the right way.

^ the force is strong with this one.

Mommy, we have a surprise for you!

Aw that's awful :(

Talk about traumatized children.

Why is this downvoted? I'm pretty sure you guys wouldn't feel happy if you found the previous's owners dead dog whilst looking for China.

Was he from china?

Or was his/her name China?

At least your kids now know they're a delicacy in China.

Keep digging! Might find a dinosaur!

this needs more likes^

Don't tell me what to do!

Or Jimmy Hoffa

amileah13 26

Well that escalated quickly.

That excavated quickly.

They descended too quickly.