By Alittlebitiffy - 14/11/2016 12:42 - Australia - Caloundra

Today, for the 16th day in a row, my husband slept in the guest room because he doesn't want to disturb the dogs once they've fallen asleep on our bed, so they don't hate him. FML
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Why do you keep letting your dogs sleep with you if this has happened 15 times already?!

Couldn't u sleep in the guest room as well?


Couldn't u sleep in the guest room as well?

But that would mean the dogs would have won their own personal bedroom. Why do they allow the dogs to sleep on the bed in the first place is the question?

From my experience, dogs don't hold grudges so your husband shouldn't fear that. But sleeping in the guest room for 16 days? I don't want to assume (and I'm sorry if I'm wrong) but it seems that you're husband is making an excuse. Kick the dogs off and see if he makes another excuse or comes back..

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or if they do, its for a much bigger reason, not just kicking them off the bed

Sounds like a bit of a "cat" person to me. Grow a pair son.

No cat person would tolerate to come after a dog. The husband would have said "Get those dogs out of our bed or I go!" Now, if he said that sixteen times already, you're in big trouble. Try counseling and dog training.

I agree with the husband - nothing is worse than finally winding down, stumbling into the bedroom, and then having to fight two dogs for a place on the bed.

blockade the dogs from the bed room on the first place or use some dog treats to get them off the bed and out off the room. seriously kicking them out what make them hate u.

Why do you keep letting your dogs sleep with you if this has happened 15 times already?!

I take sleeping pills and go to sleep first to wake up early for university. He comes to bed a couple of hours after me once I'm already asleep. The dogs sneak onto the bed sometime in between.

Keep the dogs out of your bedroom, then??

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I share my bed with my dog, if he's hogging the bed, I physically move him.

Okay, what is really happening here is the husband is proving to them that he's not the alpha - or the beta - in the pack. You might mention that to him. Not trying to be derogatory, I've had a lot of experience with dogs and that's just the way they think. We have a beautiful blue doberman, who weighs 94 lbs, and he HAS to know who is the alpha, who's the beta, etc, because he could easily become a terror if he didn't know where he stood in the pack.

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If the devil had a dog it would be a doberman. their just evil.

You're completely wrong there 4872. First the owner makes the dog and so therefore no dog is evil. More importantly though the doberman was deliberately bred to be the perfect guard dog. They're actually famous for having a good temperament.