By Anonymous - 16/08/2010 05:14 - United States

Today, for my mom's birthday, we went camping. At night, my mom and her boyfriend decided to have "Birthday Sex" because they thought everyone was asleep. Trying to not make it awkward for me and my friend that I brought along, I kept still. Soon, I heard my friend going to town on herself. FML
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I don't think that's her phone vibrating


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I hope I experience this at least once before Im put in the ground:P I'd give my friend soooo much shit the next morning ^_^

how is that a grammar fail?

It's not a grammar fail. Skid is just a little kid I guess.

you should've joined your friend ;) lol

That's kinky.

In herself? At herself? Grammar nazi fail.

Hawt... so hawt

advent2060 4

lol how is this an fml? ok I understand that hearing ur mom have sex is eerie and uncomfortable but ur friend "enjoying herself" right next to u trumps everything. that is awesome u shoulda asked her of she needed an extra pair of fingers lol only way this would be an fml is if she is an ugly fat chick

Wow, awkward much the next day? You shoulda just coughed or something and pretended that you just woke up.

bklyndee 0

you hot

lol thats beyond dirty!! you know you shoulda just did like just all of a sudden sat up screamed and then fell back asleep!

"Sooooooo........... Did everyone enjoy themselves last night? I DIDN'T." That is disgusting. F your life indeed.

JonathanRawr 0

It's not a grammar fail in the sense that it is the correct wording for the phrase in use..

This would be horrible! As if birthday sex noises wouldn't be bad enough, your friend thinks it hot and has to unhornify herself. Haha I just made it sound like she was a rhinoceros. Sorry lame joke :) Either just keep quiet about it till you fight with your friend or your mum so you can throw it back at them or give them shit about it for the rest of their lives! Your choice. FYL!

mona_is_here 10

You should've helped her with that ;)

hey.....I did that first

BassGirl 5

17- it's an expression, not grammar fail. 21- omfghawt

was your mom screaming I DA HOE?

lmfao like in the movie Bedtime Stories

#1 is too right. well depends if OPs mom is hot.

astarwarsfan 0

time for some WINCEST

newnew8 0

roxxy_surf ur hottttt !

ohhmyjeez 0

21, you're hot:) op, ouch. haha. sucks for you.

JustJess666 0

I know it's wrong to hear your mom hump but the way to get them back for this awkward moment is to help your friend out and let your mom hear your hot lesbian sex... and over do it by screaming "oh yea do me like my moms boyfriend does it!!" payback is a bitch!

YDi for your mom's birthday, you went camping. At night, your mom and her boyfriend decided to have "Birthday Sex" because they thought everyone was asleep. Trying to not make it awkward for you and your friend that you brought along, You kept still. Soon, you heard your friend going to town on herself.

Skroal, you are not funny in any way, shape or form. Pipe down.

wow.... lol.... do youself? I dunno.

only in Idaho. emphasis on HO.

Are you mentally unstable? I'm pretty sure two girls wouldn't be having butt sex... unless one of them has a penis. But she doesn't.

Apparently, my last comment wasn't shown as a reply. It was to # 19

40 u r sooooo hott

megamandude455 10

hey 21, what if they did it before you?

iSitt 0

what did it smell like ?

v42136 0

51, your pretty(:

jnjones04 0

hey ;)

86: Its incest. it's only called winchest when it's the Winchester boys...

#125 At last, someone else here who associates the phrase "Wincest" with Supernatural! :)

kvaiud1 0

u look like a skank.

kvaiud1 0

o that was to 40 btw

it's going down on herself. how can you guys not realize that.

natas_fml 13

^Doesn't know what "going down on" means.

PanteraRules 0

74, no-one said there is anything wrong with lesbians.

roxxy resurfaces every few months, gets a lot of horny 15 y/o male attention, a lesser amount of indignant attention and chiding from females of assorted ages, then inevitably gets called out for having a fake pic from someone who's in the know about It's a circle of FML life, and by now, practically rivals the shortening and lengthening of days as a herald for the changing seasons. In other words, boys, bis, and lesbians, find real porn with bare boobs. At least you know they're all using fake names. =

going down on herself? you sound confused honey.

1121osu2110 0

I would have helped her out! and u should have done the samething!

LittleMissOopsy 0

uhm.... one of my friends recently went camping in Idaho for her moms birthday with her mom and her moms boyfriend, when this happens at her house we both stare at eachother silently and turned up the volume of the movie  hmmm coincidence?

JamieLeeLV 0

hahahahhaaha xD

j5p332 6

definitely hot

katiebethss 0

I bet 17 thought her friend actually left and went back into town. xD

drew1978 4

Yes, I concur, 40 is so hot!

"so how did everyone sleep last night O_O f-f-f-fine?! (bloodshot eyes)

she may look like a skank , but she looks like a fukin HOT skank !

40 nice... phone. my mom had the same one :P

uberpwnage112 0

that is fucking awesome

thatrandombadass 0

oooo that's never good. I dont see why you didn't just go to town on yourself... or join her... or your parents!

Jokro_fml 0

como se dice awkward

taylorlynn1125 1

HAHA! I agree. She does look hoeish.

Reading boner achieved.

RedPillSucks 31

Idaho? IDAHO? No!!!! UDAHO!!!!

btrfly8888 0

they said wincest. not winchest. dur

RKftw 0

lol fail

is your friend single?

advent- I'm guessing the OP is a girl so it is an FML unless she is a lesbian. I don't think she wanted to stick her "extra pair of fingers" in her friends vag... Would you want to help your friend masturbate to your parents having sex... that's pretty fucked up. don't u think...

172 I LOVE ur pic

51, what's your real name? I think ik you...

uberpwnage112 0

thanks :)

31 your amazingly hot lol had to say it

avafan1224 0

39 for the win :D

<.< >.> *Fapfapfapfapfap*

Haha awesome

baby_gore 0

Uhm idk anyone capable of 'going down' on themselves.

lol OP is a girl unless she is bi or a lesbian don't make sense

Maybe the real FML is that OP didn't get any enjoyment out of the experience.

Orgyyyyyy timmmmmmme

ohioain 18

Going down means eating them out (aka licking their vagina) duh. And you're a girl? You're making my gender look bad.

You sound like the malefactor here.

Did you join your friend? if you didn't then fyl.

Slappyzezima 0

you're forgeting that freeze doesn't have friends. that's why he is on FML all the time!

67- Well then, what are you doing right now?Commenting/attempting to diss someone on FML....

I'm still trying to figure out why you named your account Slappyzezima.

i think zezima is a famous runescape person and that game eats balls

Lmao Freeze you win.

cckkjjcc 0

#79- bahaha YESS GGUUUYYY!

I don't think that's her phone vibrating

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Does he happen to have long hair and a mangy beard?

lmfao at this comment XD

Chipi427 0

WIN!! ^^^

FFML_314 11

No, if he were the sexpert from the other FML, she would not be pleasuring herself. That man was epic in the sack.

lickmyjock 0

shoulda helped her out!

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FrancesShiver 20

What the fuck is wrong with ya?

Thats_Mclovin_2U 0

That sounds wrong OP, coulda just left.