By shmoooopie - United States - Medina
  Today, for my birthday, my boyfriend made me a coupon book. I thought it was sweet until I noticed they were all conditional. For example; "Give your boyfriend a blowjob and he'll give you a 10 minute back massage!". They're all like that and he's mad because I refuse to use them. FML
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By  ihavenolifehaha  |  16

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  jazzy_123  |  20

because he's thinking mostly of himself. "a massage for a blow job" heck no! and plus, it's not like she owes him a blow job. Just in case you didn't know, we ARE allowed to refuse to give any and they better respect it.

  aureshion  |  5

I agree. my girlfriend should never feel forced to give me anything of sexual persuasion. if she feels like giving me a blowjob for whatever reason she can do so. but I would never demand something like that as a favor. especially if its her birthday