By ClumsyKatey
Today, due to an incident with the dishwasher, a coatrack and my bathrobe, I ended up locked out of my house naked as a jaybird. I had to hide in the backyard for several hours until my family got home from their various activities to get back in. They still haven't stopped laughing at me. FML
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By  batgirlandrobin  |  14

So the dishwasher is overflowing... In a panic you take off your bathrobe to soak up the water... Then realise you need to wedge the washer door shut somehow to keep the water contained, so you go out into the back yard to get an old coat rack that's out there for some reason and looks like it would do the job, forgetting that your keys are in the bathrobe pocket...? I mean, that's the best I can come up with and it barely makes sense. More details required!

By  RichardPencil  |  30

Why is it "naked as a jaybird?" All animals are naked! Humans are the only animals that wear clothes (usually.)

Why not "naked as a dog?" "Naked as a turtle?" "Naked as a halibut?"

  Jaeger Keller  |  6

It's actually J-bird, as in "Jail bird", there is no animal Jaybird -- it refers to the (naked) walk taken from the jail showers to jail cell on initial incarceration.

By  joeyl2008  |  29

So you pull the dishwasher door open with such force it causes you to fall backwards and on your way out the door your bathrobe catches on the coat rack pulling the robe off of you while also knocking the door shut