By heartsick - United States - Davenport
Today, depressed about a recent break-up with my long-term boyfriend, I bought a book about moving on after a relationship ends. The cashier placed some standard promotional fliers in my bag during check-out. Once home, I pulled out the fliers. They were for a married couples retreat. FML
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By  kippyco  |  6

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  KaanTech  |  0

Grow a pair and move on
F you for thumping down you sorry ass lamer losers

i did have to do the same when something similar happened to me.


  The_Hitdude  |  12

24-I believe that was a quote by Betty White ;). 23-No one gives a fuck about what happened to you. This is OP's FML, not yours. Grow a pair, move on. Prick.

  yahoowizard  |  16

Haha, you must not do much meaningful in life, since those usually.come with big downfalls as well as huge rewards. Can't magically get out of those downfalls either, and to each their own on how they do that

  emilyjgraham  |  34

20, some people don't want to rush into things, especially after a long term boyfriend, worst thing you can do is go out and get the label "slut". she's getting over it her way, some people struggle to get just move on.

  siickman  |  7

Yea "get" dating again ... Lol sorry it bothered me ... And OP dont use anyone just to move on... Relationships work better when you actually like/love the person .. So take your time

  Hidur  |  10

Man, enjoy the single life, it's awesome! I sit here.. play video games.. watch reruns on netflix.. drink myself in to a coma. Sometimes at the same time. Fuck..

By  VictoriaSchultz  |  8

Instead of sitting around reading books on how to move on from a relationship you should be out doing things to get your mind off it. Reading books is just going to make you more depressed that your relationship ended