By Kristat - United States
Today, because I was the only manager scheduled, I went into work despite feeling sick to my stomach. While sitting down with a customer, I got the urge to throw up and tried to hold it back. Instead I vomited in my mouth, instinctively swallowed and started choking in front of the customer. FML
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  kristat  |  14

First time for everything. Believe me, even though all I had to eat/drink was water it was still quite traumatizing. And for the people who said I should have called another manager, I tried. Nobody answered their phone, and we had to open. And everything happened so fast I didn't have time to excuse myself. Horrible day overall.

By  unagi_fml  |  9

At least you managed to hold it in and not throw up all over the customer. Should've excused yourself when you realised that you feel like throwing up though :(