By big mouth - New Zealand - Northland
Today, at work, I saw a van in our car park with "Hurlz Wagon" painted on its side. Laughing, I told the customer who owned it that I loved the name, and I asked was there a funny vomit story behind it. She didn't laugh, and told me it was her family name. FML
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And you're an ass.
How does my comment make me an idiot? OP didn't say or do anything mean, the woman needs to get the stick out of her ass.

EDIT: I also am not really sure why OP found it so funny, but the woman shouldn't be a bitch about it. I'm sure she gets that all the time.

  kakarot2  |  11

Yes you are. Please, read the FML again and tell me where she was being rude?
She didn't laugh at the joke, and told him it was her last name. If you think this was rude, then you need to take the stick out of your ass.

  evilplatypus  |  38

Apparently, 8 can magically read tone of voice, body language and facial expression in the FML if they were able to determine her apparent "rudeness".