By Insane Guy - 21/12/2012 06:47 - United States

Today, at work, I jumped under my desk in fear of a nuclear missile attack when the firestation next us let out its new awareness siren. I think I'm going insane. FML
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Would that even help against a nuclear strike?

Well, when there is a real nuclear attack, you'll have the practice of diving under desks already mastered. And you'll be laughing at all your co-workers with your superior desking skills


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Wow. Time was running down in your race to get first. Quick, what do you say??? Ah I know!! "Gg". An inspiring comment, that will give us hope for the future, and inspire the human race to do great things. So here's to you, "Gg" guy.

Would that even help against a nuclear strike?

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Bomb shelter deep inside earth.

Better than standing by a window.

Did anyone else think of duck and cover?

I think hiding in a fridge should do it.

Lmao maybe back in the 80's

The 80s? Are you serious...

That awkward moment when you realize there are teen so stupid they think WW2 was an 80's thing...

Run for the metro system!

That even more awkward moment when people past their teens think WW2 was an 80s thing.

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that akward moment where multiple people mix up the "duck and cover" situation in the Coldwar with WW2.

Thank you 93, I was about to say something. Can't really lecture someone when you don't know what you're talking about yourself.

Nope. I was taught to do that as a military brat. I guess they feel some hope is better than none, no matter how absurd that hope is.

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I'm in the uk and can confirm I'm alive and doing meaningless crap.

Thank god Doomsday is finally here. Now all the crazies can get back to their normal lives. Leap years fucked up that theory long ago people!

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You know they took leap years into account when working out date conversion from the Mayan calendar to the Gregorian calendar. 21st December 2012 is still the end of the thirteenth baktun

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33 is right. Idk why he/she got thumbed down. It's the end of the 13th baktun. The Mayans never said anything about the world ending, though. Some American guy in the 60s said he thought that's what it meant. People took that suggestion and ran with it.

The world isn't ending and won't. Just because the Mayans got tired of making a fucking calendar doesn't mean the world is going to end... It's just a scam to make money. Sorry, had to let it all out.

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The Mayans had a dedicated calendar guy, and every 250 years, a new calendar was made by a descendant of the previous calendar maker. The new guy was supposed to make a new calendar that goes a while into the future, but in 250 years the new calendar was a big deal. Calendars were a big deal for the Mayans, which is why when they stopped making them, it was taken by crazy people as a big thing. Also, living "Mayans" are laughing at us right now saying they stopped making the calendars because they got invaded. Too bad they couldn't predict their own doom first. EDIT: So no, the world is not going to "end"

65 is correct. If the Mayans predicted the Spanish invading, and the ensuing diseases they brought; I would give their calendar ending maybe an ounce of credibility. The fact that they got caught off guard negates any hypothesis of prophetical activity.

All you guys need to learn to take a joke

Okay, the Mayan calander doesn't even end. The Mayans have thousands more years mapped out and to think they thought of an apocalypse is completely demented. The Mayans believe blood for blood, life for life, and doing that keep balance in nature. They would sacrifice blood to ensure the sun rising because they believed it was required to maintain the balance. They believe that on the 21st of December 2012 that something catastrophic would happen, but also something beautiful. Never was the world ending even a prediction. So those of you thinking they just "stopped making them" you are wrong. They used cycles and didn't need to make more calanders because the ones they have (yes there are in fact many) just go back again to the beginning at the end of the cycle. There are many cycles which do not end today and map out future dates still. The Mayans still follow these cycles and did honestly expect some sort of event to happen today, who knows, maybe they got a great new lease of a village car for no cash down but found out they have a huge monthly rate...but what the fuck do I know, I only slept at a holiday in express last night.

It annoys me when people say "the 21st passed in Australia so..." The Mayans were thinking of their own time zone, people (11)! That's not a good argument! Looks like the earth's going to be okay though.

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Fire alarms are scary

1) lol no they're not. 2) It was a weather/tornado siren.

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#60 - It was a new awareness siren.

Well, when there is a real nuclear attack, you'll have the practice of diving under desks already mastered. And you'll be laughing at all your co-workers with your superior desking skills

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I've been meaning to get myself one of those missile-proof desks. Wonder if they have them at Target?

I got my bunker at Ikea, some assembly required.

The only thing with is you always have one extra part.

Yeah, they are in the same aisle as the missile-proof patio furniture. Back of the store, you know the place..

In case of any sort of emergency, take over your nearest will be the leaders of the survivors, and you will have guns (hopefully this changes soon)

Up and atom'!

Wrong day to do a test run. And don't bother hiding under your desk OP, you can't survive a nuclear missile attack anyways. Face the death with brave face.

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I think it's a perfect day to do all kinds of tests and drills, to scare the crap out of everyone!

the power companys should just shut off all the electricity for 5 minutes and see what happens.

It's the end of the world as we know it. It's the end of the world as we know it. It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine. (except for the reported bacon shortage)

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Here I was feeling so relieved at still being alive...and YOU had to go and mention the Bacon Shortage. There goes my happy :/

According to the Mayans it is the end of the world... Maybe the bacon shortage will become permanent :0

actually, no it's not. Its just the end of the long-count calender. Just like our calenders end after December, theres had to restart somewhere too.

Lol I read an article on .... Drumroll please .... Bacon cloning a group of scientists were using porcine stem cells and growing them into bacon ... Well the equivalent anatomical part anyways. Crisis averted.

Lol, how would your desk save you from a middle attack?

A middle attack won't be that bad. Or a side one. If it's frontal then OP is not really protected by the inch of wood he hopes will protect him from a missile attack. Still, better than nothing.