By everythingWASperfect - Canada
Today, at work, I accidentally walked into a meeting at which the whole company was there but me. The meeting was about how they could legally fire me while paying as little severance as possible. I'm the CEO and the founder of the company. FML
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By  breenntt  |  0

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  KaySL  |  24

Breenntt, you probably offended someone in a position of power. You probably shouldn't take it personally, you prick.

*clicks thumbs-down*

  KikiThePug  |  0

First of all, why call yourself a prick in the first place? Secondly, NEVER, and I mean NEVER call Kay a bitch. I enjoy their insults and comments. In other words, you're an inconsiderate cunt who masturbates to Bob Marley.

  DocBastard  |  38

Well aren't you unlucky! I got a message from a widow in Nigeria who needs help moving $15 million out of the country, and she is going to pay me HALF if I help! I just sent her a $4,000 deposit to defray the costs. I'm set for life!

  bamagrl410  |  31

Doc, your comments never fail to make me laugh. And I must say you have *the* cutest little girl ever.

  rasellersjr  |  0

I don't think I'd let him near my toilet. He would end up contracting with AT&T and I would only be allowed to use excrete 2 pound of waste a week, then be charged $10 for every pound over with a 5 pound limit. ...the fucker

  mooshymuffin  |  4

yeah, like take something small like an iPhone then make it really big, awkward to carry and have no real business functionalities...

if he invented that, I'd want to fire him

  tencentsakiss  |  19

From my personal observation, the things that will get people modded are:
1. Comments calling people disgusting, hateful and ignorant slang
2. Comments or jokes implying that a particular FML is fake, and
3. Comments whining about how your FML wasn't posted when you think it's so much better than one that has been posted.