By kait - 29/11/2011 05:34 - United States

Today, at work, an overweight man riding an electric cart started peeing all around the store. I had to clean it up. FML
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bet op was...pissed.

That's literally the funniest mental image ever! Cleanup in aisle 6! ...and 7....and 8....and 9....


bet op was...pissed.

That might have been me. Blame it on Marge she usually does the shopping.

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But the overweight man probably was...happy

Nice pun #1 don't know why you're getting thumbed down. Beats a "that stinks" pun any day

it was probably peter griffin

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He was just marking his territory around the Cheetos so no one would touch them

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pun win

Well, you don't see that everyday.

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I feel bad for the dude :( I'm sure he'd have rather pissed elsewhere.

Why we should slim them down in mandated fat farms; the food we would save alone could feed the homeless.

Or not. If he was pissing and worried about it, he would've at least stopped instead of leaving a trail of it. I hate how overweight people ride around on the scooters when people with real physical ailments need them.

The_Troller 14

53- WTF? food we could save? You do realize we aren't exactly "low" on food supplies? Homeless people don't eat because they can't afford food, not because there isn't enough.

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57- The extra food would cause a surplus and thus prices would lower, so he was right all along.

Well then we can feed the starving Africans. I bet you don't have a shitty response to that.

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um, being obese IS a real physical ailment.

Ailment or Your Own Damn Fault for being a lazy fuck and not realizing that doing a little walking and not drinking soda every day or maybe not eating half a cake at a time was a bad idea! Being obese is not a natural or viral or chance type of thing it's a series of bad decisions made by the individual to continue to become fatter

shit job get a mexican to clean it next time.... are you mexican?

RaquelW 7

accidently thumbed this up instead of down... what's the point in being a racist dick if it's not even funny?

whos racist?

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He is? I always thought Who was a very tolerant person.

I'd just be glad he didn't take a shit or two as well.

That happened to my bf while he was at work. Some old lady just lost control and well ya :/

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I was expecting you to say that your BF shit at work. :P

3 maybe he did that on purpose sone people are just sick

*an overweight man

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Grab your harpoon and hunt down that pissing, white whale. Revenge!!

awsome name bro

call the cops and have his ass arrested!

They'd never catch him, he's got a scooter with turbo drive.

They won't catch him if he shifts into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!