By n77 - 23/04/2011 02:17 - Switzerland

Today, at work, a customer went to try on a pair of pants. A few minutes later, she hurriedly returned and put the pants back on the shelf without saying anything. I later found out she'd come down with a bout of diarrhea and apparently didn't want to pay for the dry-cleaning. Glamorous. FML
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shitty situation? but seriously that's really nasty and unfortunate

I hate when that happens!


shitty situation? but seriously that's really nasty and unfortunate

People would do anything not to pay

lol. That's pretty poopy.

Classy woman. >.<

ahaha i get it shitty situation :b

Well why would anyone want to buy a pair of shit-filled pants?

this woman probably thinks shes hot shit but she really just left one in a pair of pants she doesnt own.

14 - I'm going to Alta this winter ftw

I wonder if those jeans will end up in the irregular bin...

like I've broken a button on a pair of pants to big and I still confessed up and bought them.

I always do that!! it's the new trend now..jeez people, u gotta be more up to date on these stuff.

I'm lil wayne

77, I don't think anyone gives a shit.

kiinda what i was thinkin;)

shit happens...

i c wut u did thar 129 -_-

116 Shut the fuck up. lil wayne sucks Ass. All he sings about is "eating pussy" and money. Try listening to some real rap.

I hate when that happens!

did it happen to youu?

Where did she think she was at? Payless?

lol at the pic 32. I APPROVE

32 wheres the ryhme in your comment?

103 that's what I was thinkin..

What are pants over there? Underwear or trousers/jeans etc. cause if they're underwear, pretty sure you can't try on underwear and return them just incase you have a STI. (I'm from UK, Birmingham)

trousers/jeans is what we mean

maybe she was lactose unfavorable

103- I don't get it???

how often does that happen to you?!?! 0_o

just a question, why is this under the love category...?

why are you ugly?

why are you a jerk

Whoops, fixed. Fixed like the above comment.

13- will you go out with me?

That's a damper on his day.

I do hope you were kidding 36.

cuz love is shitty haha

Cause there isn't a Shit category.

Because there isn't a Shit Category??

36- this isn't a dating site..

At 68: By now I think there should be a "shit" category on FML! Lmfao. I mean, there are quite a few FMLs about messy bodily fluids/functions...

maybe she loved those pants

That's terrible! And funny. Haha I can't imagine how embarrassing that'd be.

haha talk about leaving shit stains and streaks

she thought it was going to be a fart but she sharted

sHxt not again. lmao jk ew Fyl Op. but hey it coulda Been worse...

how could it be worse?

the person could have shitted two pair of jeans . XD

use your imagination.

By "pants", the OP probably meant the British version of the word, which is basically what Americans would just call underwear. Kind of makes more sense.

ok well in normal stores it's banned to try on underwear. I mean like really think about it.k? great bye.

Okay, well, the OP is from Switzerland, you dumbass Amero-centric poser. I mean like, get your head out of your own little world that is the depths of your anus and screw your own fucking head on. Kthxbaiiilolololollll. Am I doing it right?

ok. ur point is? ur really cool. like really, like I'm jealous of you right now u insignifcant moron . idgaf cuz u would know.

americentric? really now? ur sooo cool. alright I c u doing big things. :) LMAO moron

@xxxlauraxxx: Are you high? Please try not picking random fights with our users in the comments section; it makes you look insecure and lowers everybody's IQ score.

I'm movin to Switzerland now. I hate not finding the perfect pair of underwear by not trying them on!

I'm obviously not high if I'm here. neither am I any of those things r u fukin kiddin me? r u not readin da bullshit she / he w.e started like rlly.? bye. -.-

kayak, last I checked you aren't legally allowed to "try on" underwear, due to hygienic reasons. I don't want to buy underwear worn by ten different people lol

"Kayak"? Oh how incredibly witty. The OP is from Switzerland for fuck's sake, so unless you happen to come from there (and not Canada for example) or have researched the issue, don't say "hurr durr it's illegal in my own country therefore it must be illegal in every country in the world". Though yeah, I'm probably wrong and she doesn't mean underwear, but for the love of god, ease up on the assumptions, you little shit.

you suck man....

Damnn what a pooper

were the pants brown at least? lmao

you got those underwear at Walmart!!

OH NO! CHEAP UNDIES! If only he had saved up a few extra dollars and then went to Target. :(

I did get them at Target

lmfao. sucks to work where you do