By Anonymous - United States
  Today, at some point, and for some reason I'll probably never fully understand, it seemed like a good idea to get completely shitfaced on tequila and try to shave my ballsack with a straight razor. I'm not sure if these wounds will ever heal. FML
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  ed11  |  1

The relationship between a man and his balls is like no other. The wounds may turn to scars, but ur balls will never hate you. He will stay true to you no matter what. Thru ur ups and downs. Take it easy and feel better you stone cold fox.

  juicedboi  |  7

Dip them in a bowl of dettol, then look at yourself in the mirror and ask why you listened to advice on FML about your "love spuds". Also while I do believe tequila gets the best of a lot of us, you are still a moron.

  flockz  |  19

"Today, i was on my shelf, just minding my own shit, when a drunk bastard walked by me and bought me. I was so excited that i was finally goin to be used that i sharpened my blades in anticipation. When i got back to this bastard's threshhold, i realized the true purpose of his buying me. He was going to use me as a means of masturbation. You can believe me that i fought back . Fuck him."

  poptart840  |  5

Or drank responsibly and not decided he was an 18th century barber who could shave his shit with a straight razor. Just because you get shitfaced doesn't turn you into a stupid niggerxD

  LadyTammyA  |  0

My comment against drinking was directed at OP specifically...not the drinking public in general...!
If an individual is too stupid to know that they have limits they shouldn't cross, they should NOT drink.
Clearly this point has escaped the limited mind capabilities of the majority...society at large is so screwed...