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  zandalee  |  19

She obviously really needs someone to talk to! Does she have a best friend or close family member her own age you could get hold of to help her during these dark times?


Whoever said they were a child? They could be a full grown adult, and if thats the case, they could be all the mother has to talk to. I do agree the mother should see a counselor to have someone to talk to and help her out- but sometimes those things come out when you're hurting and worried.

And even if they aren't an adult, they're obviously old enough to understand the situation I'm sure. And hopefully they were there for their parent and at least consoled their mother somehow.

  raufintoff  |  15

Sad that all marriage boils down to is sex nowadays I mean that's probably not the only reason you got married why is the reason to get divorced. There may be other issues but I mean come on


@55 sad that there are people that think that you can have a happy relationship when one person wants sex and the other doesn't. Sex shouldn't be the reason for a relationship but it is a very important part of one.


Many marriages have rough times, this could be the 3rd time or the 20th, who knows. Every marriage has its flaws and its issues. The point is that it's sad to hear it potentially ending at this point.

And it's sad how high the divorce rate is these days. But if it's any consolation OP, I grew up with just a father through a divorce.

I hope you and your family all the best!

By  hama806  |  19

Sorry you were forced to hear your parents troubles but since you can't change what was already said, just support them the best you can. Good luck.