By Anonymous - 09/02/2013 01:53 - Australia - Rowville

Today, at a mixed-family game of rugby, my dad resorted to calling me a "goddamned accident" and eventually body-slamming me, just so I'd stop playing long enough for his team to score. FML
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This is where you play the "MOOOOOOOM!!!" card.

That's some good old fashioned tough love. Get back on the field and slam his ass back.


OhDearBetrayal 25

Go hard or go home must be his motto. I think it's amusing to play with people like that. It makes games more interesting.

Slamming your son and calling him an accident to win a sports game... Not so much amusing as it is extreme and uncalled for!

It makes games more annoying and boring when people act like hypercompetitive brats.

Unless all the same people are in one match, then that is just awesome and fun to watch. Me and my brothers are really competitive when it comes to grappling or 'slapping fight', I highly recommend the slapping fight, just hit with an open hand instead, ya feel it more than a fist, I'll tell u that much haha

Ever heard of trash talk? It's part of every sport, stop being a sook beat him on the field that's how you get you answer...

This is where you play the "MOOOOOOOM!!!" card.

Attack: 1000, Defense: 1000. Effect:When you activate the mother card, all other players lose the game.

Yugioh? If so, 1000 is weak, and attribute, type, and level?

Level 10 Fusion monster. ATK: 4500. DEF:4500 Effect: When attacked face down, this monster resets the playing field and returns all monsters from the Graveyard and play back to the deck. (Fiber Jar) FUUUU

It's a real-life Family Feud. Montagues and Capulets. You name it, it's all there.

That's some good old fashioned tough love. Get back on the field and slam his ass back.

Why would you even bother posting this comment?...

obnint 3

Next he'll say tackling you was a "goddamned accident"

klovemachine 24

Your dad deserves to be body slammed for using God's name in vain :(

Yeah, I'm sure the Prince of Peace would approve of bodyslamming people over his dad's fragile ego. Seems legit.

I see Jesus ... I see bodyslamming ... I see a scripture that fits this!!! "... the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. (KIng James translation) "... Time to bodyslam a hoe and score some points. (FML translation) Disclaimer: FML is not a real translation of the Bible for those that attempt to look for it .. I know there's always one person out there ...

klovemachine 24

I see that my humor has went over everyone's head :-) seriously, he shouldn't use GOD'S name in vain

God damn it!! Whoops i said the so called "god's" name in vain haha

And this is why I don't play any kind of sport with my family...