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  mb2_native  |  15

Unless all the same people are in one match, then that is just awesome and fun to watch. Me and my brothers are really competitive when it comes to grappling or 'slapping fight', I highly recommend the slapping fight, just hit with an open hand instead, ya feel it more than a fist, I'll tell u that much haha

  DragonPorn  |  15

Level 10 Fusion monster. ATK: 4500. DEF:4500

Effect: When attacked face down, this monster resets the playing field and returns all monsters from the Graveyard and play back to the deck. (Fiber Jar)


  newbiehere99  |  6

I see Jesus ... I see bodyslamming ... I see a scripture that fits this!!!

"... the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. (KIng James translation)

"... Time to bodyslam a hoe and score some points. (FML translation)

Disclaimer: FML is not a real translation of the Bible for those that attempt to look for it .. I know there's always one person out there ...