By Artemis - / Thursday 17 January 2019 18:00 /
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  tapdancecolumbia  |  13

This is why generations appear to be getting dumber - you say it's not necessary to know that the Pacific Ocean is salt water, therefore it's ok to be ignorant of this very basic fact. Don't encourage people to limit their knowledge.

  Sheepiebeepie  |  24

Ha wow, you think not knowing random facts makes people appear dumb? I'm not encouraging people to know less, I am saying that depending on what you are doing, learning things like that is not an essential part of your education. If you didn't end up learning that, it doesn't mean you didn't learn entirely useful things, and it doesn't warrant questioning where they went to school.


Unless you go to trade school from the age of 5 (which isn’t a thing), this is something one would learn in school prior to college. Like someone else said, this is taught in the 3rd grade.

By  donb23  |  23

One has to wonder why you did not know this. Yoir school system has failed you. Tell your parents they need to get a refund of the state and local taxes they paid to support the school system.

By  Phil  |  13

Okay one has to wonder what kind of schooling you had. How could you not know that all the oceans are connected? I would think that even the most religious home schooling would have taught you that, but then again who knows; people have some pretty strange ideas about the world.


The fact that the oceans are connected is not much relevant here. Compared to the vast amount of water in them, the interconnections are relatively small and fresh and salt water do not mix well. There is even a lake in Kazakhstan (Balkhash) which is rouchly half salty half fresh.