By theropod - 15/11/2009 19:45 - United States

Today, at 2 in the morning, a noisy work crew started up in the parking lot next to my apartment. What were they doing at that ungodly hour? Installing a light that now shines right into my window. FML
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thick curtains. get some.

Surprise night light!


thick curtains. get some.

Does the dood not already have curtains? That would be a fail. Also: You wouldn't want, a crew of workmen, working outside, your house at 2am, installing a light. (The use of comma's in the first sentence hurts my eyes. :P)

What the **** are you smoking?

i think theyre referring to lakeview terrace

Says you live in Colorado U.S. Get a gun and shoot it.

sucks to be you D:

I'm not saying you should consider vandalism but... maybe practise throwing rocks in the general direction of it?

time to get curtains!

Surprise night light!

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lol ftw!

Complain about it, there are codes against excess light around residential areas. They may be able to turn it at the very least.

Seems pretty fake to me, doubt anyone would do that kind of work at 2 am. It's probably A) Illegal, and B) what kind of landlord (or whoever had it installed) do that in the middle of the night anyway?

If the parking lot doesnt belong to the apartment buidling and gets busy durring the day they could be trying to get it done while its empty. But still 2 am seems a bit odd.

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At my dorm we have construction done starting at 4am. Not all that weird.

The city does stupid shit like that. Have you never lived in a city before? Where I live they redo the same street every single year, they always start it right before winter then leave half the lanes closed off until spring right in front of the local university. City government has a lot of intelligence when it comes to planning anything from my experience.

Um, I swear this is not the comment I was trying to respond to. The comment I was commenting on seems to have disappeared. Does anyone else notice some strange stuff going on right now? Edit - It is now once again the same comment. But when I posted my first reply and the page refreshed it showed a completely different comment and this thread was gone. This site is having some issues right now.

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Site's having a few problems. We're working on it, promise! ;-)

big ******* deal.

I know, it really is.

So? Invest in some curtains.

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that reminds of some movie… I forgot which though

lakeview terrace... thats exactly what i thought of when i read this XD