By deflated - 09/08/2009 16:54 - Ireland

Today, as my girlfriend was dropping me home, our goodbye kiss got kind of heavy. Still parked in my drive, we had fast, frenzied sex. After, we realised that she had never put the hand brake on and that we had rolled down my drive, blocking my dad who was patiently waiting to pull in. FML
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Escapist28 0

I think technically he was waiting for you to pull out.

Maddoctor 10

All I can say


Maddoctor 10

All I can say

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YDI FOR BEING IRISH. seriously, irish people are so gay. drunk bastards. go fuck a goat you pieces of slime

I sure hope he gave you guys a standing ovation. Any passing bystanders may have applauded at the scene.

Not only is this stupid but downright dangerous. Also you can't be having sex.

why can't he? there's no rule as long as your of legal age!

who pissed you off today?

Escapist28 0

I think technically he was waiting for you to pull out.

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excuse you. well aren't we sexist. women are better drivers than men, their insurance says so :p

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Sorry you are wrong, its based on miles riven and statistically women drive a shorter distance to work. They are actually worse drivers. OP: YDI for letting the girl drive, and this is not an FML. So your dad saw his son getting some from hopefully a decent looking girl, its not like you hit that damn car... wow fyl dude.

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yes he was being sexist but you saying that women drivers are better is also sexist, some stupid guys get drunk then all of our insurance rates go up, one sex is not better at driving than the other. i hate it when someone thinks turning sexism against guys is gender equality.

Oh my god it's a fucking PUN.

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Thank you #120! I mean come on! It's only a joke!

My dad is a better driver than my mom. She damn near gives me heart attacks sometimes.

God damn people. He was talking about the dudes dick. He was waiting for his son to pull his dick out of his girlfriend so they can move.

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Fuck the cars life

at least you were focused on the task at hand. and your dad is patient.

how. this has happened to my friends before....

HIS father probably had a grin on his face and got a kick out of it.. I dont understand the FYL. If it were her father then yeah, FYL all around. But unless you explain the problem then - Cheers and have a laugh