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  Timmo_fml  |  2

Made me chuckle. Definite high five for your boyfriend. I think one or two man points could be heading his way too! If only he'd pretended to be a lawnmower as well...

  GiddyXD  |  0

haha hes a keeper :D that was pretty funny ok thats it you die anti flood -grabs ak47- dieee!! -aims at computer- dieee!!!!! -shoots all of computer pieces- haha bitch! oh shit i can post now.

  Veunz  |  4

Even clean vaginas aren't the best smelling things in the world...then again neither are clean penises...Genitals need to come in a scentless variety, seriously.

  massagenist  |  0

no kidfing #3 i can tell the race of a girl blindfolded by smelling her mons pubis. hey girls maybe its just me but your pussy sometimes smells like what you just had to eat. smoker girls pussies smell like the brand of cigs they smoke too,

By  lizh_fml  |  9

i suppose it depends on whether you can take this in your stride. your boyfriend should know whether this kind of thing would bother you. i think its a bit weird so fyl

  perdix  |  29

Don't ever look at the blue waffle, you'll be a worse person for it. I know. I looked and I am a lesser man for it. Also, don't learn what felching is. Same thing.

The world will end when they put video of someone felching the blue waffle on YouTube.