By just hangin
Today, as I was pulling wire for an addition to my boss's house, I was on a ladder drilling a hole when my coworker kicked the ladder out from under me and left me hanging from a rafter twenty feet in the air. To make matters worse, I had to pee. I'm now in my car with dead arms and wet pants. FML
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By  species4872  |  19

<p>&nbsp;Is the drill ok?</p>

By  Winry Adaline Poe  |  2

<p>Personally, I would speak to the boss about this and let him know what happened. I am sorry you went through that, but this is very dangerous and you could have been really injured. More than just dead arms, you could have hurt yourself with the drill or falling. I think you need to tell someone about this and make it very clear that you want something done about it.</p>