By Baustigt - 06/08/2014 13:34 - Australia

Today, as I was driving, a massive cockroach clicked its way across my windshield. I pulled over to fling it out the window, but it spread its wings and flew around like a hook-armed stabbing machine. I lost it in the dark car and now I can't find it. It's going to be a long drive home. FML
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OP if you do burn the car, remember: cool guys don't look at explosions.

Love the way OP says 'long drive home' like damn I would wanna make that trip as fast as possible GIMME A SPEED BOOST

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#30 Said cool guy doesn't see the roach coming in at ramming speed right behind him...

The panic begins when it disappears not when it appears.

I'm pretty sure the windshield wipers would have been a better idea! Better buy a new car OP XD

It was inside the car, hence it now being lost inside the dark car.

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Buy it did say that it clicked across his windshield

I never knew that cockroaches had wings! It's a disgusting thought!

"I don't always fly, but when I do I scare the shit out of everybody."

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they're like grasshoppers, they don't use em much but when they do, you better make like a flock of seagulls and run so far away.

Or an actual flock of seagulls come and eat them.

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never said they were, I said they seldom use their wings

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and if you see a 3 inch bug flying at you, you aren't going to say, hey that's a grasshopper

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Cockroaches don't have wings. Palmetto bugs do though. They look like cockroaches.

Well they're one of the only things in Australia not trying to kill you.

But it's the exact opposite going through OP's mind XD.

Well, they are kind of perfect species. The one which survived through eras where other species got wiped out. They can live on very little food and bloody ******* survive with the head cut of for over a month. You are screwed OP. Just pray it doesn't reproduce in your car (Evil laugh).

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like a hook arm stabbing machine? interesting

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Put a brick on the gas and dive bomb it into the bay, only option left really.