By Third trimester - Canada - Toronto
Today, as I stepped into a subway car, I noticed some free seats and began walking towards them. A group of girls standing nearby looked at me, then at the seats, and made a run for them. They then high-fived, presumably as congratulations for sitting down before the pregnant lady could. FML
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By  Regulate  |  21

You possibly might still look so svelte for your third trimester. It's never ok to assume someone is pregnant these days so they could have been gambling. Or, they could have been little shits with no respect. Take your pick I guess?

By  Kurliez408  |  32

it's possible they had a long day and were too looking for seats, not noticing the others. I'd like to say they might have an invisible illness (like I do), but that seems unlikely in this case.
whether they noticed you or not, surely they noticed you were next to them afterwards and should've cleared a space.

  mariri9206  |  32

"A group of girls standing nearby looked at me, then at the seats. . . "

By  chellecandi  |  9

I am currently 40 weeks pregnant and completely understand. That is just so rude. My belly is huge right now and that happened to me on the bus the other day and I just stood in front of him with my belly in his face as I had no where else to stand anyway and he ran to take the last seat.

  RockPrincess26  |  16

Good for you. Too bad you didn't have to fart. You could've farted in his face. "Oh? You're not an asshole? I could've sworn you were since you took that seat and made me stand while I'm pregnant."