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Today, as I had a chat with my boyfriend and a couple of his friends, one of them had brought up my boyfriend's son and his other child who was due any day now. The conversation would have went well, had I known that he had a son and a pregnant girlfriend. FML
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I don't wanna be one of those people with the quick "Dump him" comments, but ...dump him

Dump and expose him!!! However, just don't interfere with the poor woman and her child though. I feel so bad for you and the other woman, she's probably engaged/married or just a mother.


Well, at least you know now! Steer clear of him!

I gotta say. Brave move on the friend's part. Date him.

It's rare that friends don't close ranks when something like this happens so good on the friend.

Wow dump him immediately well at least you aren't married to him, could've been worse

It's good to always look on the bright side!

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if he is willing to keep such major secrets from you, you need to get out of the relationship.

I think cheating on someone is much more then a major secret....

The FML doesn't say how long OP had been with her boyfriend. If they had been together 8 months or less, it doesn't necessarily mean the boyfriend cheated.

#44, it wouldn't really be as bad if the other girl wasn't his pregnant GIRLFRIEND...that to me sounds like he cheated.

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#66: Well, these are OP's words. Maybe she just call her is "girlfriend" because she is pregnant. But anyway, thing that could defend that guy would be for him to be separated from this girl and to have been involved with OP for a few time. Becaue obviously, bringing up your past too fast in a relationship is also a nice way to make it more complicated.

OP didn’t know about her boyfriend‘s son and his pregnant girlfriend but his friends knew. There is no innocent reason for him keeping such important aspects of his life a secret from his girlfriend even though these aspects are not that much of a secret. She might think he is her boyfriend but he doesn’t treat her the same way. It rather sounds as if he sees her as a side chick.

Wowza. I hope you told him to shove it!

Wow that's incredibly scandalous! And not cool of this boyfriend at all. Hope you can recover from this, OP!

I'm not usually one to call "Dump him!" But seriously, dump him.

I get the feeling that the "friend" purposely mentioned it within OP's presence. Good guy friend.

It's sad that you had to hear it from someone else.

I don't wanna be one of those people with the quick "Dump him" comments, but ...dump him

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No need to feel bad about saying it when it's warranted.

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Good thing OP found out. I probably hasn't learned his lesson and would've ended getting OP pregnant. Though I wonder if he got the girl pregnant before or during their relationship.

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Dump him for his kids sake. He needs to focus on them

I feel sometimes FML just chips away at my faith in humanity, even though I barely had any to start with.

I really hate when people say this. There are a lot of reasons to have "faith in humanity". Stories about nice people don't sell, stories about obnoxious and bad people do though. Focus on the good in this world rather than the bad.

Also, you're on FML, what do you expect?

Guess I wish FML had more stories that made me laugh instead of making me feel disgusted.

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Today all is right in the world. I got a raise, won the lottery, & got a proclamation of love by the man of my dreams!!!! FML. (see, doesn't work)