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By  geewhiz  |  0

Why do you let your dog sleep in your bed anyway? and it doesnt matter which end you kiss. your dog licks its own arse so even if you are kissing its face :s you are still getting the germs from its butt. eergh.

  MyDailyLife  |  1

arse is actually means ur butt buht ass means a donkey ppl just use ass cuz its easier to say, shorter and they sound the same...... so the correct word is acually arse

  geewhiz  |  0

Arse is actually the correct word to use maybe you should use a dictionary sometime. Ass refers to a horse like mamal which was not what i was talking about.

By  hannah5  |  1

"Arse" isn't a real word? The Oxford English Dictionary disagrees in quite strong terms, seeing as they have etymological examples of it dating back to at least the 14th century. It may not be in use in your country (presumably somewhere in North America), but it's much more common than "ass" in the UK.

But in reference to the FML - I have to agree that it's pretty disgusting to kiss your dog on either the mouth or the arse.

  Noelletakumi  |  36

People just perceive it as disgusting because kinds of germs and bacteria are on your dog everywhere. Not to mention they lick their nether regions and then themselves. Same goes with cats.

By  will90  |  5

"Who doesn't let their dog sleep on their bed? I kiss my animals. Get over it."

Oh we're over it. Are you over having your dogs shit in your mouth?

"i kiss my dog all the time and i let her share the bed with me, i don't see what is so gross about it"

Glad you feel that way. Hope you warn anyone that might be unfortunate enough to want to kiss you that they'll be giving your dog a rimjob.

  fluff23  |  7

#9 You never had a childhood OR a pet, did you? Nothing is gross about pets.. I mean we are all LIVING things.. Everyone is probably as "gross" as you say animals are ( including you ). You have NO idea how filthy everything is after a day. Your as 'nasty' as you say animals are...

By  AnnaSeptic  |  0

Gosh, people are so stupid. Sleeping with your dog is not disgusting. Agree with ten, you're making it sound like people are screwing their dogs.

And 5, not everyone in every country is going to talk like you do. Get over it.

  Boomi  |  38

One of my lifelong friends is British, so I know that there are multiple ways of saying it, and I have at least three friends I've known a couple years who also speak like that. And to be honest, I don't care how my dog sleeps, I love him and hug him, but I'm usually careful to kiss the top of his head or something.