The illustrated FMLs

Today, as a caterer, I’m busy taking care of a huge Mexican reception. Taking a quick break once I’ve got the chance, I shuffle off to the toilet, get my penis out and scream in pain. Note to self: make sure hands are clear of any form of chili peppers before peeing. FML

By Anonyme / Thursday 22 December 2016 18:39 / Mauritius - Flor?al
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Today, whilst at work as a furniture salesperson, a couple was looking at a couch. As part of our sales technique, we invite people to take a seat. The man was wearing shorts, and his testicles dropped out to the side. I had to discuss fabric options, etc, whilst avoiding looking at his balls. FML

By orangediva / Sunday 18 September 2016 17:16 / Australia - Subiaco

Today, I let my coworker use my PC during lunch, because his was having problems. A few hours later, my boss called me into his office and gave me hell for apparently looking at furry porn during lunch break. He won't believe my explanation. For fuck's sake, Dave. FML

By sirphilmckraken - / Friday 8 August 2014 17:30 / United Kingdom - London
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